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  1. Reporting Bugs
  2. Mfme module menu bar
  3. Transitioning RocketLauncher and Emulators outside your Hyperspin folder
  4. [SOLVED] Kega Fusion Controller Reassignment
  5. Visual Pinball Help
  6. [SOLVED] Global AHK Script
  7. CPWizard Sub Screen Causing MAME to Lose Focus
  8. Fusion - Emulator Box Visible During Launch
  9. virtual jaguar losses focus Any idea?
  10. Mednafen Black Mouse
  11. [SOLVED] help sega cd
  12. openbor dont close
  13. [SOLVED] error message
  14. Key remapping help.
  15. AHK Launcher Error
  16. Dual Shock 4 issues
  17. VisualBoyAdvanceM errors on rom loads only happen through HyperLaunch
  18. Something up with my HLHQ
  19. Winuae black screen
  20. HyperPause locking up with multiple emulators
  21. switch Resolution before start of an emulator
  22. Multigame
  23. [SOLVED] 0 System Found in HyperLaunchHQ 3.1 Beta
  24. HL Beta - HyperPause Artwork question
  25. HL Beta - Setting logging higher then "Errors" causes COM error.
  26. How to use Hyperlaunch without Hyperspin
  27. [SOLVED] Changing default database location?
  28. Frontend launcher not working in hyperlaunchhq
  29. Strange Problem. After a while, nothing launches
  30. MAME console window problem
  31. git hub help
  32. How to run RocketLauncher from a network drive. A quick guide.
  33. Transitioning back from subwheel to the main wheel?
  34. [SOLVED] Module Extension Fontreg.exe User Accont Control Popup Window
  35. VLC as a video player
  36. [SOLVED] Help HyperLaunch Git update not working
  37. Hyperlaunch + Steam as frontend.
  38. Pinball FX2 stays muted
  39. HyperLaunch Daemon
  40. [SOLVED] Error Launching Game through Hyperlaunch
  41. [SOLVED] Rom Mapping - Return of the Clones
  42. Getting error waiting for the window "ahk_pid 9268"
  43. [SOLVED] commodore 64 archive problem
  44. Video Transitions between Hyperspin and the rom
  45. [SOLVED] HL Loading Save States by Default?
  46. Any secrets in getting Sega CD working?
  47. [SOLVED] AHK problem
  48. Visual Pinball Splash Screen
  49. [SOLVED] git says i'm already up to date
  50. [SOLVED] Hyperlaunch and goodmerge (using Quickplay as frontend)
  51. Can't download Hyperlaunch
  52. HyperLaunch Taking Extended Periods to Launch
  53. [SOLVED] Another Ahk issue...
  54. Hyperlaunch doesn't start even when HS is default frontend
  55. [SOLVED] Cannot find rom
  56. [SOLVED] Stuck setting up exoDos / MS-DOS
  57. [SOLVED] Save/Load States with Hyperpause
  58. [SOLVED] Donate?
  59. [SOLVED] eXoDOS Abbreviations Fix?
  60. [SOLVED] HyperLaunch Install Question
  61. No HLSL in MAME since update to beta
  62. [SOLVED] Can't get it working. Help Please?
  63. [SOLVED] Can't copy over some files.
  64. Launch SSF smoothly/Zero Dreams fade settings?
  65. [SOLVED] Probably idiotic error. Hyperlaunch does not work from Hyperspin.
  66. [SOLVED] Fix-It Felix Jr
  67. Mednafen No Longer Launches Cart Roms After Update?
  68. More eXoDOS 2.0 questions.
  69. HyperLaunch for HyperPin use?
  70. [SOLVED] Has anyone seen this error? No search hits here or at HS
  71. [SOLVED] Error hyperlaunch.exe
  72. [SOLVED] hyperlaunch will not open any games after hypersync update
  73. [SOLVED] AHK Remap 2 Butttons Combined
  74. AnimateWindow: No Hwnd supplied error.
  75. [SOLVED] Problem with ScummVM after updating Hyperlaunch.
  76. you do not have permission to access this page?
  77. [SOLVED] Custom cursors.
  78. exit emulator problem
  79. [SOLVED] TinyXP Help
  80. Password/Lock bug causes hyperspin to regain focus
  81. Another cursor question.
  82. [SOLVED] AutoHotKEy.dll error
  83. [SOLVED] Script errors for all systems
  84. which file direct to the media path
  85. [SOLVED] Compressing CISO files?
  86. [SOLVED] Another AHK error - Visual Pinball
  87. [SOLVED] Hyperlaunch lockup
  88. [SOLVED] PS2 Bin/Cue Naming
  89. [SOLVED] HL emu exit shortcut buttons not working in Taito Type X games
  90. [SOLVED] setting up emulator, folder emulator\*.*.ini
  91. [SOLVED] Invalid cue file error
  92. [SOLVED] Hyperspin 7z not working.
  93. [SOLVED] Can't stay away from AHK errors
  94. Panasonic 3DO not loading games from 7z
  95. Retroarch/Libretro developers needed
  96. [SOLVED] Sega Dreamcast NullDC AutoHotKey error
  97. [SOLVED] Retroarch PS1 Dominating me
  98. [SOLVED] Having trouble remapping the Exit Script Key and getting HyperSpin to recognize it
  99. [SOLVED] Sega CD with Fusion after Exiting Hyperlaunch.exe is alive
  100. [SOLVED] Strange behaviour -> Frozen fade loading screen - no systems working.
  101. [SOLVED] issues after updating
  102. [SOLVED] RetroArch PSX error
  103. Backgrounds not being used when instruction cards are enabled
  104. [SOLVED] AutoHotkey.dll Error: Call to nonexistent function
  105. ServoStik Per Game Settings?
  106. [SOLVED] Deathsmiles II - Now Loading Visible On Exit
  107. [SOLVED] can hyper- spin/launch read a merged set of mame roms ?
  108. System Settings - Ignore ESC a la Mugen??
  109. [SOLVED] Rom Mapped games not found.
  110. [SOLVED] hyperlaunch -s .ini error
  111. [SOLVED] Alcohol 52% instead of DaemonTools
  112. [SOLVED] LEDBlinky profile for hyperpause?
  113. Just updated to, need some help
  114. Sega CD with Fusion after Exiting with Exit Emulator key Hyperlaunch.exe is still alive
  115. WHDLoad games on FS-UAE
  116. [SOLVED] Problem !! Hyperlaunch beta Error 0x8002801D
  117. RetroArch MultiDisc Support?
  118. [SOLVED] Help! Ran git update and all settings gone
  119. [SOLVED] Updated to Beta
  120. [SOLVED] PC games Tutorial
  121. [SOLVED] Not able to launch emulator roms, weird steam exe truble
  122. Saturn not current working
  123. desktop resolution change after playing a game
  124. ePSXe not working
  125. [SOLVED] Cannot find database when launching from HyperSpin
  126. [SOLVED] PC Game Module Issue?
  127. error x80040154?
  128. [SOLVED] MultiGame and MAME
  129. Load Alternate Ultimarc MinIPAC/IPAC Profile?
  130. [SOLVED] Help
  131. Daemon Tools 5
  132. [SOLVED] Set HLHQ as FrontEnd
  133. [SOLVED] emulators missing
  134. HyperLaunch v3.1.0.5 Beta Issues
  135. HyperLaunchHQ updated to v1.1.1.4 ???
  136. Where do I find a download for Hyperlaunch HQ?
  137. Launch .exe before mame start
  138. Multigame Tag?
  139. Older Emus
  140. Changing RetroArch default PSX core
  141. [SOLVED] Hyperlaunch Game Audit Fails for no reason (possible bug in Hyperlaunch Beta 3.105?)
  142. Unable to exit Visual Pinball using HL3
  143. loosing settings when switching Frontend Plugins
  144. ".ini"created when launching a MAME title using RocketLauncherHQ
  145. zinc fullscreen error
  146. [SOLVED] Dolphin settings
  147. [SOLVED] ahk help please
  148. Questions about setting up Gameboy Color/Gameboy
  149. hyperlaunch git Works great but do you do next
  150. Is there a step-by-step guide for upgrading Hyperlaunch/Rocketlauncher?
  151. [SOLVED] Hyperspin: unable to find HyperLaunch after the update
  152. hyperlaunch quits responding.
  153. My Hyperlaunch not found the systems
  154. [SOLVED] "FadeIn" causing #Include file "C:\Lib" cannot be opened - only in DICE, only in PONG
  155. Populating game lists
  156. HyperlaunchHQ not opening
  157. FontReg.exe
  158. Games taking 29 seconds or more to launch
  159. Upgraded to MAmE v.1.59 Some games won't show up in HS, HLHQ but will in MAME.exe
  160. fail to open game in rocketlauncher
  161. System Audit
  162. Need help with setting up eXoDOS or playing one of the games? Please post here.
  163. [SOLVED] Alternate Emulators (games.ini)
  164. Help with a script
  165. Hyperlaunch doesn't exit with visual pinball
  166. [SOLVED] Please help with Dreamcast, microsoft ce games with Demul and Null dc
  167. Looking for import guide
  168. Problem Launching Emulators and Games in Rocket Launcher
  169. MultiDisc Games - Swapping Disc Procedure?
  170. [SOLVED] Any way to hide mouse cursor on Fade In?
  171. Remapping buttons via AHK for PCLauncher games
  172. HLHQ Emulator list
  173. Configuring Controllers For different systems with the same emulator
  174. ScummVM - Games That Fail Audit Won't Launch
  175. FreePIE Input & HyperLaunch
  176. [SOLVED] Aae
  177. Looking for the transition files mentioned in the wiki
  178. PC Games and Steam Games together under one System
  179. Why is this so difficult!? (dxwnd.ini)
  180. Virtual drive path
  181. [SOLVED] Should I Update Hyperspin or RocketLauncher First?
  182. Guide about install HyperSpin + RLauncher from scratch following the most correct structure??
  183. Mame Trackball stopped working after RL update
  184. [SOLVED] Games do not start in Hyperspin
  185. aimtrak ligtgun stopped working in Mame under RL
  186. PC Launcher - New error?
  187. [SOLVED] MAME Controls stopped working after RL update...
  188. auditing games
  189. [SOLVED] HS + RL confusing XML database location
  190. after update mame Modules in RocketLauncherUI
  191. eXoDOS Folder Structure?
  192. [SOLVED] Updated gives error 404 today
  193. [SOLVED] step by step instructions on installing/setting up RocketLauncher with HyperSpin
  194. Changing eXoDOS Per Game Settings?
  195. [SOLVED] Can someone refresh my memory?
  196. Rocketlaunch install password?
  197. Help with Retroarch controller setup
  198. HS 1.3 w/ RL fresh install .ini setup
  199. Help with Touhou/ Creating simple AHK script
  200. [SOLVED] Upgrading from HL to Rocketlauncher
  201. [SOLVED] Problem with RL1.0+HS1.4beta and SSF module
  202. [SOLVED] looking for advice: building GemRB Module
  203. [SOLVED] Databases.xml missing?
  204. [SOLVED] Touhou Project issues
  205. Loading NES in RetroArch from Rlauncher Issue
  206. Cannot get RL to recognize Sega Genesis ROMS
  207. Dual Setup - RetroFE & Hyperspin ?
  208. [SOLVED] Having Trouble Setting up PC Launcher
  209. I need help Just upgraded to rocketlauncher. Game run for rocketui but not from hyperspin
  210. [SOLVED] ZSNES will not launch with rocketlaunch
  211. MS-DOS not working with HS
  212. where do you get password for the download?
  213. Lost Orbit and X-Arcade
  214. Rocketlaunch wont open help
  215. Hyperspin not loading since i installed RocketLauncher
  216. Game starts only after pressing ok or space to prompt
  217. [SOLVED] Issue with RocketLauncher.exe and autohotkey
  218. Intellivision (Nostalgia) no longer works after switching to RocktLaunch
  219. What is rocket launcher
  220. [SOLVED] Problems since upgrading to rocketlaunch.
  221. Hyperpause
  222. Hyperspin not loading game but in RLUI it's ok
  223. [SOLVED] Contra: Evolution Revolution Suddenly won't accept key mappings.
  224. Exit Emulator Key Confusion
  225. PreLaunch script help
  226. Still confused - What is RocketLauncher?
  227. Changing slot devices in mess?
  228. Win 9X Collection
  229. can not load rom.zi!
  230. project64 help
  231. [SOLVED] MAME 161 Clone / 7z file structure issue | HS
  232. [SOLVED] Rocket launcher database
  233. [SOLVED] multigame disc artwork not appearing
  234. HS + RL database path issue
  235. WinAPE closing shortly after starting up
  236. Installed update, no emulators show?
  237. Steam overlay help
  238. problem running mame Error call to nonexistent function
  239. Module Path Invalid
  240. RocketLauncher cannot control Epsxe or send commands to it
  241. Long load times
  242. Emulator behaving like FE profile is loaded when it's not, and FE disappears on exit.
  243. RocketLauncher's cutting extension of roms
  244. [SOLVED] Launch an extra Program on Rom launch
  245. [SOLVED] not loading default emulator list i just begin to installing hyperspin + rocketlauncher help
  246. Muted Emulators?
  247. [SOLVED] Bug Report/Feature
  248. Hide CMD (Command box) on load and exit emualtors?
  249. Rocket program logos
  250. [SOLVED] Changing Media paths for HyperSpin & RocketLauncher