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  1. [SOLVED] PCLauncher.ahk issue
  2. Daphne Module
  3. [SOLVED] Nestopia with bezel support
  4. [SOLVED] Daphne Singe module with bezel support.
  5. [SOLVED] WinUAE module with bezel support.
  6. [SOLVED] WinVICE module with bezel support.
  7. [SOLVED] CCS64 module with bezel support.
  8. [SOLVED] DICE module with bezel support.
  9. [SOLVED] ParaJVE module with bezel support for GCE Vectrex
  10. Sega Model 2 - Rom Mapping Issue
  11. [SOLVED] AHK help
  12. [SOLVED] Atari st module
  13. [SOLVED] RetroArch module unable to load PC Engine, SuperGrafx or TurboGrafx-16 roms
  14. [SOLVED] gamebase64 module support
  15. [SOLVED] MAME Module
  16. Demul (v0.5.8)
  17. [SOLVED] Request - The Pinball Arcade module
  18. BizHawk Module
  19. [SOLVED] Request - Nuance v0.51 Module
  20. [SOLVED] Desmume X432R Support
  21. [SOLVED] Project Tempest Module With Bezel Support.
  22. [SOLVED] Retroarch module and MAME core
  23. [SOLVED] Demul 0.5.8 lockup
  24. [SOLVED] PacMAME??
  25. [SOLVED] Cdisplay module
  26. [SOLVED] Steem Module With Bezel Support.
  27. [SOLVED] pcsx2 missing PCSX2_ui.ini for not portable installs
  28. [SOLVED] Project64 module with support for bezels ?
  29. Future Pinball Winwait error
  30. [SOLVED] SSF ini files
  32. All modules have bezel support?
  33. [SOLVED] Raine missing
  34. BeebEm module
  35. [SOLVED] zinc module works but ...
  36. [SOLVED] Request: Add .ccd extension for NEC PC Engine-CD RetroArch module
  37. RetroArch Module
  38. Stella 4.2 crashes
  39. [SOLVED] WinUAE module with per game configs.
  40. [SOLVED] Atari800 module with bezel support and offsets.
  41. [SOLVED] FS-UAE Module support for multiple disk games
  42. [SOLVED] PC Prelaunch script help
  43. [SOLVED] Request - Exodos 2.0 Module
  44. RetroArch Module crashes trying to launch Atari 5200
  45. [SOLVED] Mupen64 module
  46. [SOLVED] Pinball FX2 change controller profile before multiplayer menu
  47. [SOLVED] MESS Module paramaters
  48. [SOLVED] WinVICE ISD Typo
  49. WinUAE, add system "Commodore Amiga Demos".
  50. [SOLVED] Retroarch .retroarch-core-options not found
  51. [SOLVED] HLSL command from MAME module and older MAME versions
  52. DOSBox Networking/Gravis UltraSound Settings
  53. Philips Videopac+
  54. Fusion Module 2.0.9
  55. Demul loading error - Roms with Commas
  56. [SOLVED] Daphne OpenGL v2 initialisation failed
  57. [SOLVED] 4DO RetroArch Crashing w/ HyperLaunch
  58. [SOLVED] DXWNd Module not rotating
  59. [SOLVED] Zinc Database (with names instead of numbers) Typo
  60. Request: Oracle VM VirtualBox Module
  61. [SOLVED] Daphne Singe - .singe files changing
  62. [SOLVED] Four Do Problem
  63. [SOLVED] DosBox Questions
  64. [SOLVED] RetroArch LibRetro-N64
  65. [SOLVED] Dreamcast - VMU bezel supports on Demul and NullDC Modules
  66. [SOLVED] WinVICE and BlueMSX issues
  67. Future Pinball and keymappers
  68. ZXMAK2 Module request
  69. [SOLVED] NullDC Module Cable type issue.
  70. [SOLVED] AAE Module Changes
  71. [SOLVED] ActiveGS Module Changes
  72. [SOLVED] Correction to Shared.ahk (SendCommand routine)
  73. OpenBOR Emulator Pop Up on Random Games
  74. Module Updates
  75. Some missing systems in the MESS module
  76. [SOLVED] Screen rotation issue with Atari Lynx using Mednafen
  77. Is anyone able to use the cheatmodekey with MAME in Hyperspin?
  78. [SOLVED] module download not listed
  79. [SOLVED] Mouse cursor visable during fade-in when using PCLauncher
  80. [SOLVED] Demul 0.5.8 Screen Rotation?
  81. [SOLVED] ScummVM changes to sleep
  82. [SOLVED] Fade title issue only for 1 game in nestopia.
  83. [SOLVED] Module Project64 (v2.x) Per-Game Configs
  84. [SOLVED] NullDC Module Error
  85. [SOLVED] Daphne version number.
  86. [SOLVED] higan v094
  87. [SOLVED] Retroarch - Error - To many Parameters
  88. [SOLVED] Hyperlaunch exits during PC Games start
  89. NullDC games won't load
  90. Demul (0.5.8)
  91. Pinball FX2 - Super League Football selection
  92. Using PCLauncher for Windows Store apps? - "waiting for the window" Error
  93. MAME 158 module
  94. 3DO and Module Phoenix
  95. Pinball FX2 - EncryptPasswords Not Working
  96. [SOLVED] RetroArch PSX - Could Not Find Config
  97. MAME and RetroArch - adding SNK Neo Geo MVS as a system
  98. Fusion - Controller Reassigning
  99. [SOLVED] Daphne Singe green screen and restart FIX
  100. [SOLVED] Old modules. What to keep.
  101. [SOLVED] Commodore 64 Games System?
  102. [SOLVED] MUGEN Problem - Not Using Correct Game Path?
  103. [SOLVED] SuperModel.ahk. Generic AHK question probably.
  104. SuperModel. Suggested update.
  105. [SOLVED] MUGEN Git wrong version
  106. RetroArch PlayStation Inputs Not Working After HL Update
  107. [SOLVED] New BeebEm module.
  108. [SOLVED] WinUAE Loader - Added Bezel Offsets
  109. [SOLVED] Authotkey DLL error with NullDC
  110. SSF Clean Launch?
  111. Mednafen module bug
  112. Demul (v0.5.8.2) module.
  113. [SOLVED] Steem and Steem SSE Modules
  114. [SOLVED] VSS module needs a CRC update.
  115. [SOLVED] Pinball Arcade module - bug found(?)
  116. Odyemu module - still displaying window border
  117. NullDC module with Per Game VMU files.
  118. Pinball FX2 - Still Not Working
  119. [SOLVED] nulldc
  120. add satellaview to mednafen module?
  121. [SOLVED] All RetroArch Systems Fail to Load on Latest Beta
  122. 1964 MURL not working
  123. New version of SSF won't go fullscreen at launch.
  124. Four Do - Auto Loading Save State??
  125. Has Anyone encountered this problem with Four Do?
  126. BizHawk 1.9.2
  127. Retroarch Custom Setups
  128. Pinball FX2 single player opening Leader Boards
  129. ePSXe module question.
  130. VirtaNES hyper launch module? This is for an arcade monitor....
  131. Mednafen not scaling up with PSX
  132. WinUAE module does not load multiple .adf disks.
  133. Sega Model 2 Emulator - model2.zip
  134. Pinball FX2 - Coordinates Error
  135. JPcsp module - URL error
  136. [SOLVED] FS-UAE not using cue files.
  137. [SOLVED] SSF Mount Issue
  138. SSF module and bezels
  139. BeebEm Module Update
  140. Mame GLSL
  141. PCLauncher cursor vissible during fade again
  142. [SOLVED] PPSSPP Module
  143. [SOLVED] Module to Proyect64
  144. JavaGX4000 v1.0 FindJava Path bug
  145. WinUAE. Any reason why we can not set global CPU/memory etc?
  146. mGBA module?
  147. [SOLVED] pcsxr showing blue circle
  148. [SOLVED] MESS modules for Retro Consoles HELP needed
  149. [SOLVED] New Daemon tools doesnt like new HL 3.0 Modules need fix please
  150. [SOLVED] Module for CPS3 Emulator 1.0a Needed
  151. [SOLVED] Dolphin emulator, real wii remotes with dolphin bar
  152. added MicroBee to the MESS module
  153. Pinball Arcade - Stuck Behind Loading Screen
  154. [SOLVED] HBMAME module Request
  155. DOSBox SVN Daum
  156. [SOLVED] how to select own BIOS in Demul
  157. Dreamcast demul autosort
  158. WinVICE MultiGame not working with JoyToKey enabled.
  159. Atari Lynx and Mess screen rotation
  160. Launch Scripts -Noob
  161. [SOLVED] Dolphin EXIT issue
  162. Retroarch - Super game boy help
  163. Dolphin per-game Memory Cards
  164. [SOLVED] VisualBoyAdvance-M.ahk doesn't load gba's
  165. [SOLVED] Update: Pinball Arcade (v1.37.8) Module
  166. Atari Lynx, 0.95 Handy Emulator Help
  167. Update: Pinball FX2 (Rebels and Ultron) Module and INI
  168. Magazine Viewer Module (Soda PDF 3D reader for example)
  169. WinUAE Module screen mode issue
  170. [SOLVED] PCSX2 New Supported Extention "Gz"
  171. Steem SSE Module
  172. [SOLVED] Project64 (v2.x), weird resolution with bezels.
  173. DosBox Not Filling Screen?
  174. [SOLVED] RetroArch Rollback / Update Process?
  175. SumatraPDF Module
  176. DOSBox - add support for shaders?
  177. [SOLVED] PC Launcher cant find Emu_Path?
  178. [SOLVED] WinWait error when running Gameboy Color games through BizHawk
  179. [SOLVED] PCSX2 Game Configs subfolders
  180. WOW Action Max
  181. [SOLVED] eXoDOS - Multiple Folder Structure Causing Error Message
  182. Fusion Sega CD Exit
  183. [SOLVED] RetroArch not finding bios since upgrading to RL 1.0?
  184. TurboGraphic 16+Retroarch Error on load?
  185. DOSBox exit issues
  186. Pc launcher taito type x2
  187. Mess module-Atari Lynx
  188. Dos Box - Hyperspin closes immediately after selecting DosBox from the wheel
  189. Pinball Arcade module with the new DX11 version
  190. [SOLVED] Sega model 2 emulator will not launch via RL
  191. Sega Model 2 Issues with me too!
  192. RetroArch Module Shader Settings Not Working
  193. New RetroArch Fade Issue?
  194. Added systems to MESS module.
  195. [SOLVED] Script Error on MESS Games After RL Update
  196. [SOLVED] MESS Module is Broken
  197. OdyEmu and Dosbox
  198. [SOLVED] Can't launch 3DO games
  199. [SOLVED] Yabause module
  200. [SOLVED] puNES gives .ahk error in RocketLauncher. Bug?
  201. Mame-Hyperspin-Can't Add Custom lists?
  202. Future Pinball
  203. DosBOX Console Visible on Exit
  204. RetroArch - Mupen64 Save States Not Working via HyperPause
  205. [SOLVED] MAME - Adding new systems
  206. PCXS2 issue not using DT
  207. [SOLVED] MESS Module for Famicom & FDS
  208. [SOLVED] WinWait Error With Mupen64plus
  209. Modules have No ISD files
  210. [SOLVED] mame 138 module? wher can i get one?
  211. Project64 v2.x Module
  212. Pokemini Module
  213. Daphne
  214. Module for WinUAELoader 1.78 needs updating
  215. Multiple modules for 1 system?
  216. Module Downloads
  217. Xebra150215
  218. C64 Forever Module
  219. [SOLVED] DOSBox - Possible to start Prince of Persia in Keyboard Mode?
  220. [SOLVED] Is there a SEGA Mark 3 Module out there?
  221. WinVICE Commodore VIC-20 missing extension
  222. Yabause portable ini
  223. Pinball Arcade updated to version 1.39.9
  224. SDLTRS Module
  225. MESS/MAME modules with new directory structure.
  226. Nintendo Super Game Boy
  227. OpenBOR: Module Alteration: Make a backup of CFG files (code inside)
  228. PokeMini missing Bezels
  229. Pinball arcade module request
  230. [SOLVED] Mess doesn't like the command line: -rompath...
  231. Adding sharp x68000 to m.e.s.s module
  232. Dolphin Module custom control profiles
  233. Unsupported System Name for Module
  234. [SOLVED] HBMAME Module?
  235. MAME Module invalidates INI files
  236. Quick question. Is multigame not supported in the Doplhin module?
  237. Konix Multi System module.. Anywhere?
  238. [SOLVED] MESS Module w/ Aamber Pegasus Support
  239. [SOLVED] Can't save core settings in retroarch
  240. MESS with Apple IIGS
  241. MAME/MESS Combined Module
  242. Project64 (v2.x) Exception 265
  243. Raine - SNK Neo Geo and SNK Neo Geo CD
  244. EDuke32 Module - Help
  245. Module for ePSXe 1.9.25
  246. [SOLVED] 3DO Emulator emulator Phoenix module outdated and not working
  247. [SOLVED] PCLauncher fails to launch game due to Steam already being open
  248. Pinball Arcade changes added to module/isd for approval
  249. [SOLVED] Bgb fade out support
  250. Nintendo DS (Desmume) RocketLaucher (poss module) issue