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  1. [SOLVED] Jamma configuation for Demul.
  2. Problem with Xbox 360 Controllers, one Wired, one Wireless
  3. [SOLVED] Xebra emulator help
  4. ScummVM
  5. [SOLVED] Mame (No nag)
  6. [SOLVED] ePSXe help needed.
  7. [SOLVED] Random Emulator Issue lol (Confusion)
  8. Sega Model 2 Emulator Problem
  9. SSF - Forcing a Prefered Controller
  10. [SOLVED] pcsx2 Bz2 files Help
  11. WinAPE emulator issue
  12. Cybiko emulation
  13. [SOLVED] ScummVM not loading
  14. [SOLVED] RetroArch ESC Not Exiting - PC-FX
  15. [SOLVED] RetroArch stops at the Insert Disc screen for Panasonic 3DO
  16. errror on handyman
  17. [SOLVED] Screen rotation for Naomi vertical games with Demul
  18. [SOLVED] Tutorials to configure all emulators?
  19. arculator arc.cfg not found
  20. [SOLVED] howw setup hyperlaunch forr american lasergames
  21. [SOLVED] dreamcast roms extension
  22. Daphne Help: No Input
  23. [SOLVED] RetroArch - Shaders - Difference between .cg and .cgp files
  24. [SOLVED] retroarch setting up. (Amstrad CPC)
  25. Launching Philips CD-i with RetroArch
  26. [SOLVED] Sega Saturn - Emulators - General discussion
  27. Using mess core in Retroarch query
  28. Amiga Help (FS-UAE / RetroArch)
  29. [SOLVED] Mess rom - need to rename them?
  30. .MDX Disc Images and Retroarch
  31. [SOLVED] Stick shift graphic in MAME
  32. Vectrex ParaJVE
  33. [SOLVED] Mame Games Not Launching (AHK Error)
  34. [SOLVED] One-key save/load state in MESS and MAME?
  35. PC game Terrordome
  36. Hyperlaunch RetroArch Mess a5200
  37. RetroArch MESS Guide?
  38. Nestopia - Error waiting for the window
  39. Nulldc - dreamcast graphics
  40. Touhou Project Keymapping
  41. Nulldc: Unhandled exeption while Initing Image Reader plugin by drk...
  42. Sega cd fusion settings per game?
  43. [SOLVED] Stumped on... Super Game Boy Retroarch
  44. Support Project64 2.x
  45. ZX Spectrum in MESS
  46. Xebra image handler
  47. 1 moving video line
  48. [SOLVED] Exo Dos games won't load config in dosbox
  49. [SOLVED] MAMEUIFX send "Synchronize audio with video" options
  50. [SOLVED] Touhou games doesn't always launch.
  51. RetroArch PSX Slow Start
  52. Is it possible - XEBRA - Disc swapping or how to play multi disc games? HyperPause
  53. Virtual Boy controls in RetroArch
  54. [SOLVED] epxse 1.9.0 controls issue only with HL
  55. Panasonic 3DO and 4DO emulator - load state window size changes
  56. Snes 9x-64 - Resolution Problem after Returning to Game from Pause
  57. Can't get quite a few MESS systems to work with RetroArch
  58. nestopia error "The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b)"
  59. daphne singe lightgun sensitivity
  60. Mess - Atari lynx vertical rotation
  61. Panasonic 3do input
  62. RetroArch - Super Game Boy Errors
  63. MAME suddenly has no sound?
  64. [SOLVED] DosBox and Exodos Questions
  65. [SOLVED] MAME ini files
  66. [SOLVED] Can't get the Pinball FX2 to module to work
  67. [SOLVED] Pinball FX2 not working
  68. [SOLVED] Higan x64 0.93
  69. Selecting MAME Crashes Hyperspin
  70. someone knows where to download "MAMEUIFX .156 x64 NoNag+HiScore+NeoGeoXtra+DirectInput"
  71. [SOLVED] Rocketlauncher Refuses to launch games (Please Help)
  72. RetroArch Mess config
  73. [SOLVED] WinUAE Loader not starting up
  74. MESS BIOS Path
  75. ZipMapping dosbox
  76. Retroarch blank screen when loaded from RocketLauncherui
  77. [SOLVED] Entex Adventure Vision no longer working in MESS?
  78. [SOLVED] Link to proper retroarch
  79. PSX+Retroarch issues.
  80. PC Launcher and Mugen
  81. ZSNES and rlauncher
  82. issue after renaming DXWND.ini
  83. Sega Model 2+Hyperspin Wont load
  84. How to set-up Dolphin and Hyperspin with JoyToKey to enable analog sticks and Dolphin Exit
  85. Sega Model 2 emulator crashes (not an RL issue)
  86. [SOLVED] Rlauncher wony quit properly with SNES9x and winkawak.
  87. RetroArch not loading Atari 5200/ Mess?
  88. [SOLVED] Retroarch/bnes core
  89. Taito Type X
  90. DOSbox and eXoDOS
  91. SSF Sega Saturn: setting up xpadder? Key binding wont work
  92. [SOLVED] Dolphin launches into incorrect emulator version
  93. Issues with Dolphin
  94. Few Questions about mupen64plus
  95. MAME ini and game ini not being updated after pressing TAB and using HLSL SLIDERS menu
  96. Project 64 Pause Help
  97. Questions about running WinUAEloader in RL & HS
  98. retroarch HDMI
  99. Dolphin config, graphics, and audio per game?
  100. Intellivision 'Nostalgia' not recognizing INT files
  101. MAME game rotation
  102. [SOLVED] RetroArch Input Mapping for Keyboard
  103. Nestopia launch fails when joytokey system profile applied
  104. [SOLVED] Dolphin (Ishiiruka Build) Exit Problem
  105. MESS 1.61 keeps crashing
  106. [SOLVED] Mame through RLauncher isnt allowing multiple mice?
  107. RetroArch - Per Rom Config
  108. [SOLVED] RetroArch Guidance - Overlays vs. RL Bezels
  109. Acorn Atom Emulator
  110. MESS Systems That Use CHDs?
  111. Retroarch DS4 problem!
  112. Sega Model 2 graphics quality
  113. RocketLauncher and MAME
  114. Looking for somebodies help. Need two specific versions of emulators zipped. X6 Type G 20131123 and Mednafan 0.9.31 Wip
  115. problems with this windows
  116. problems with this windows
  117. [SOLVED] RetroArch SegaCD Bios issue
  118. Disable Alt + Space Keyboard Shortcut With Sega Model 2 Emulator?
  119. DEMUL Full screen AHK script help
  120. [SOLVED] Spectaculator
  121. Mame.ini settings for 1920x1080 lcd
  122. Epsxe Resolution with Rocketlauncher Issue
  123. MSX Emulation
  124. Help Nuldc won.t Exit
  125. WinKawaks
  126. LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect
  127. RetroArch - WonderSwan Mapping?
  128. I need new updated guide of running microsoft ce games on demul 7a and nulldc
  129. Help launching AAE ROMs using MAME
  130. PCSX2 ERROR After launching
  131. PCSX2 Auto Temp File Creator
  132. Using AAE with a controller?
  133. Sega 32x roms not working in rocketlauncher black screen
  134. Retroarch confusion (ctd on some systems)
  135. PCSX2 -Can't use custom exit key?
  136. Retroarch doesn't load in RocketLauncher
  137. mame160 roms with mame.ahk 163 issue
  138. PCSX2 going to browser system configuration screen
  139. RetroArch.exe stopped working after exit
  140. RCA Studio II - RetroArch
  141. Remap Taito Type X
  142. How to launch PCSX2 games in other Languges???
  143. DEmul x86 v0.7 Alpha BUILD 230915 mouse cursor wont go away
  144. RetroArch not find NES or SNES rom!
  145. [SOLVED] Sega Master System
  146. MAME Slows Down After Pause
  147. Noob key question with ipac
  148. [SOLVED] MAME Exiting on P3's Up Key, But Isn't Mapped Anywhere
  149. Demul .07a dissapears on gun games
  150. Retroarch update...module problem
  151. U-Trak, Winipac & MAME - S.O.S.
  152. MUGEN Problem
  153. epsxe multipad
  154. retroarch with keyboard/ipac
  155. Ameri Darts MAME No Sound
  156. Save directory keeps reverting to default when loading in rlauncher
  157. 3do retroarch help
  158. [SOLVED] UNZ v0.5 L30 & Daemon Tools Lite 10.2.0 - Not work for me
  159. [SOLVED] retroarch keyboard input config...nothing working.
  160. mame .167 //// hlsl -glsl /// 16:9
  161. [SOLVED] PCSX2 Error after Update
  162. Rocket launcher Nintendo not booting
  163. ePSXe 1.9.0 fails to close after sending close sequence (module v2.1.1)
  164. Sega Genesis - RetroArch Blocky Graphics and Terrible Sound
  165. RetroArch Per System Configuration
  166. Lottes shader working in mame but not in any "mess" system
  167. Odyemu
  168. [SOLVED] Winvice!! AHHHH
  169. [SOLVED] Neo Geo AES Help
  170. Mess unknown system error
  171. [SOLVED] Nec TurboGrafx-CD cannot find syscard3.pce Retoarch
  172. Epsxe joysticks on rocketlauncher
  173. [SOLVED] ssf graphical artifacts help
  174. Rpcs3
  175. Need Help Getting WHDLoad games on FS-UAE
  176. Help with SSF and visible toolbar
  177. Rocketlaucher will not load Ps2 Iso games from PCSX2 emulator
  178. (Need Help) Magic Engine wont load cds through RLauncher
  179. Atari ST
  180. RetroArch Shaders for handhelds
  181. Problems with PSXfin v1.3
  182. Mame Player 3 & 4 Joystick and some buttons not working with ctrlr.
  183. RocketLauncher to open different cores in RetroArch
  184. RetroArch, RLauncher and some SNES roms fail
  185. Help with Configuring to use Mame.ini for mapping
  186. Mame crashes from Rlauncher, but fine standalone!?
  187. Load core specific cfg files through RetroArch
  188. [SOLVED] Demul v.0.7 Won't go full screen stretch for Sega Hikaru. Naomi and Atomiswave work fine.
  189. Atari Lynx
  190. [SOLVED] pcxs2 1.4.0 per game memory card not working anymore
  191. [SOLVED] Use MAME to emulator other systems????
  192. [SOLVED] Light phaser / FreezeSMS / Problem roms directory
  193. [SOLVED] Need help setting up custom control profiles for wii
  194. ParaJVE works with some games but not others error message
  195. [SOLVED] PCSX2 1.4.0 doesn't work with rocketlauncher?
  196. WinUAE and multiple systems
  197. Autosave option on Mame not working
  198. Cannot launch mame roms
  199. Best Emulator For Each System
  200. Issue with ePSXe controls when launched through RL
  201. Probleme With Mess for AppleIIGS
  202. Vectrex overlays
  203. Final Fantasy 7 won't launch through rocetlauncher.
  204. Dolphin emulator crashing on exit
  205. Retroarch in slow motion on RL
  206. retro arch changed
  207. [SOLVED] New Windows 10 PC build - got Mame stutter issues
  208. SSF weird problm on game load
  209. retroarch global configuration anybody know how to set it up?
  210. [SOLVED] UNZ crashes on exit
  211. MAME Resolution Setting
  212. [SOLVED] Jaguar cd
  213. Setting up controls and a weird xbmc screen..
  214. MAME games through RocketLauncher run slow
  215. Retroarch Launches - stuck on "loading game"
  216. Amstrad CPC launch troubles
  217. no default emulator found
  218. Retroarch Grapics question
  219. [SOLVED] Fusion 3.64 Sega GENESIS controller problem
  220. Nec pc
  221. New GLSL shader to add to the CRT-Family
  222. MAME to run Super NES and N64 Console Games
  223. PCSX2 Errors
  224. Auto-loading save states with MAME
  225. [SOLVED] SNES9X Launching to black screen?
  226. Gens emulator - Sega CD - No sound
  227. MAME Rom Issue
  228. popping/crackling sound when game loads RetroArch
  229. [SOLVED] Spacebar puts games into TURBO mode
  230. Any Dosbox tutorials?
  231. Retroarch sound is distorted for NES
  232. [SOLVED] setting up sega saturn
  233. Using XBOX 360 Controller with DOSBox
  234. Demul Wondowed Fullscreen problem
  235. BlueMSX not closing when exiting
  236. NullDC/Demul cable type settings
  237. Adding Dolphin & PCSX2 to systems list..
  238. Retroarch not playing multi-disk games for PS1.
  239. [SOLVED] mame mystery (at least to me)
  240. Launching N64 from RocketLauncher crashes RetroArch
  241. UNZ Not Loading via RL (FM Towns)
  242. Mupen64 Plus Sound Issues
  243. VisualBoyAdvance-M (Saving Issues)
  244. SSF = No Sound/Music when Launching from RL
  245. MAME question
  246. MAME 170 Core in RetroArch. How to set it up to emulate MESS systems?
  247. Retroarch 1.3 Retroachievements feature
  248. NullDC help
  249. Demul 5.8.2 black screen
  250. Launching a gave from a different emulator