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  1. HLHQ system categorization feature request
  2. HLHQ Ability to disable/enable systems and roms
  3. Snes9x: Choose settings per ROM
  4. Play slideshow while unzipping
  5. Game Audit in HyperPause
  6. [SOLVED] MESS.ahk support for megadrive within the genesis system
  7. 7z Rom Locker (AKA Keep recent)
  8. Refresh?
  9. HLHQ Request: Launch Default Emulator
  10. Simplifying Favorites Wheel Creation: Drag 'n Drop Games Listed in System Editor to Favorites Wheel/System
  11. Scroll bars in module information.
  12. Suggestion to change some Fade Art Layer Function.
  13. Save State on Exit
  14. [SOLVED] HyperLaunchHQ Feature Request - Open Default Emulator Directory & ...
  15. Request: NEC PC8801 modudle
  16. pdf dpi
  17. Request: Fujitsu FM-7 module
  18. Selecting sub-games in Steam/PCLauncher
  19. HyperPause App
  20. nircmd 1920x1080 resolution
  21. HTML statistics
  22. Ability to select from a list of alternate emulators on the fly
  23. [SOLVED] Overwritten file when updating
  24. [SOLVED] Request more control over 7z temp dir
  25. [SOLVED] Default Artwork Folders
  26. HyperPause - Support "ROMNAME.png" Files
  27. Windows 10 Hype - Stream Xbox One games to PC via Hyperlaunch!
  28. Some rating signs are too wide.
  29. HyperPause Game Info
  30. HLHQ - Shortcut Keys
  31. Faster Start of Games in TEMP folder via max size and ssd harddrive
  32. HyperLaunch needs a name change.
  33. Add game genie to hyper pause?
  34. Additional keymapper program support?
  35. On-Screen Keyboard
  36. Controller Specific Profiles and Per Game HyperPause support
  37. [SOLVED] Tales of Monkey Island Launcher Script Request
  38. [SOLVED] Module request for T2K
  39. New Module Request for Retro Video Game Magazines
  40. Selectable Updates for Rocket Launcher
  41. [SOLVED] Have rom mapped games appear green when running an audit
  42. Feature Request (Hide)
  43. Media Audit and such
  44. Emulator volume control
  45. Pause You Tube videos and magazines
  46. [SOLVED] ePSXe: Analogue toggle per game in module
  47. Additional Virtual Drive Support
  48. View Change Log Button In Auto Updater
  49. Process Priority - configurable in Rocket Launcher UI
  50. Pause features while not paused?
  51. Demul Module: configurable option for gdrDemul.dll GD-ROM plugin
  52. Feature request : AHK + xpadder in emulators please
  53. Keymapper.ahk
  54. Launch Emulator Button
  55. Manufacteror, Years and Genre in Audit List
  56. Multiple active frontends?
  57. Troubleshooting Logger
  58. Adding Game n Watch system to the RetroArch module
  59. Launch (PC) games with different windows profiles
  60. Sort games not found into alphabetical order
  61. Sidebar: Indicate Disabled Systems With Color Highlight
  62. Control ServoStik Joysticks Entirely via RL
  63. [SOLVED] Rocket Launcher UI - System Audit - Consider Rom Mapping.
  64. Philips VG 5000 & Mattel Aquarius Via MESS?
  65. [SOLVED] PCLauncher Prelaunch Choice: Sleep or RunWait
  66. 7-zip: Fixed game/rom name
  67. Emulation Station plugin
  68. RetroArch SaveDirectories
  69. Add Search to Emulators Tab
  70. Per Game Fade Enable/Disable Settings
  71. Lock Fade (Prevent Exit Key During Fade)
  72. Windows 10 Volume bug
  73. systems merge
  74. MAME 0.166 Global Inputs (2 player split screen) in MAME Module
  75. In-game button mapping + AutoHotKey database
  76. RLUI - Ignore update list.
  77. Request: Import MAME hash
  78. Changes displayed when updating
  79. RAMDisk for zipped games?
  80. RLUI - Base rom path
  81. Only show games with bezels
  82. 7z extracting music randomized
  83. Automatic configuration of BT when launching Dolphin
  84. MEmu - New and amazing Android emulator
  85. Show Game Wheels On Bezel.
  86. System Audit considering Rom Mapping
  87. [SOLVED] Exit Emulator key per game setting
  88. [SOLVED] 32/64 bit OS
  89. Request :" Postlaunch" for all module
  90. Beta Test / Early Access for RL Updates
  91. Request: Using Retroarch to run various systems in a main system.
  92. SNESGT module Please...
  93. Scummvm module alteration request for ResidualVM
  94. Cloud save
  95. 'FixResMode' is it really needed?
  96. A Possible bezel alternative?
  97. Possibility to have last three temp unzips rather than yes or no
  98. About the username/password app: EncryptPasswords.exe inside of PCLauncher
  99. RocketLauncherUI with easy overview for complete systems
  100. Ultimarc WinIpac 2 Focus issues
  101. Universal Emulatior Addition Request
  102. Zaccaria Pinball Addition?
  103. General Settings - Default Frontend Path
  104. How make a program that starts after Windows be loaded, and that allow Select Hyperspin Horizontal or Hyperspin Vertical
  105. Support for image logos on the pause menu main bar
  106. Better combo key recognition for exit emulator + activate Pause
  107. N64 Project 64 config file modules
  108. Plans To Use Windows Native ISO Support?
  109. Unable to get C64 multi disk games in single archive working correctly.
  110. Sharing / Importing Front Ends Game lists
  111. [SOLVED] Add Arcade Classics to Retroarch module
  112. Controller layout in Pause menu
  113. Support for gonvisor (comics reader module).
  114. hide all emulators and other apps
  115. Add 'stroke' to lettering for page number font settings
  116. Ability to enable/disable keyboard encoder support per game (Game Options)
  117. The ability to rotate a picture clockwise
  118. [Mame] Sega 32x - Script modification to play european games
  119. [REQUEST] SWF Opener Module
  120. [Mame] Sega mark III smsj
  121. Folder Support for manuals and videos in Pause
  122. Terminate program after end game in RLUI
  123. [SOLVED] [Request] Adding some DELETE ENTRY buttons
  124. Sugestion about Hyperspin plugin
  125. Wiki need to be updated
  126. Fade Layer 4 animations do not maintain size for different resolutions
  127. multimonitor lightgun issue
  128. Module Repository
  129. Keymapper "Virtual Controller" integration
  130. Bezel image file location with relative path support? (critical)
  131. Support for Animations during Fade Out
  132. add all consoles and computer systems in the future
  133. Thank you keep up the great work
  134. Playing random Intro videos
  135. Web-version of RocketLauncher
  136. MESS [module] launching Systems \ (PAL \ NTSC \ JAP)
  137. Add Cemu Separate Screen Control
  138. Please add background music feature for Rom mapping
  139. Multiple system delete
  140. More 7z Options
  141. Multiple Layer Animated options
  142. Order by emulator
  143. Brightness Contrast Gamma settings