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  1. I have an idea
  2. Editing Xpadder profiles
  3. HyperLaunchHQ Icons And Logos
  4. [SOLVED] Audit for disc-based Amiga CD32 0 games found?
  5. [SOLVED] Update from to
  6. No systems.xml
  7. Systems icons
  8. [SOLVED] MAME 157 - There was an error waiting for the window "ahk_class MAME" to become active.
  9. Retroarch Problem launching from HyperLaunch HQ
  10. Fade loading text not working if Layer 3.png is larger than 850 px width.
  11. Audit list error not going away
  12. [SOLVED] Seeking Simple How to
  13. [SOLVED] Getting AHK error on game launch from HLHQ after game launch... XP after BETA upgrade
  14. Resolution reset when exiting MAME
  15. Problem hyperlaunch and daphne
  16. [SOLVED] No game info using HLHQ as default FE
  17. [SOLVED] Problem with file browser dialogue
  18. hyperspin xpadder pprofile launching in hyperlaunchhq
  19. Problem adding systems.
  20. emulator list in hyperlaunch HQ
  21. NullDC AV Error
  22. Blank?
  23. [SOLVED] HLHQ Opens in task manager but not on screen
  24. HLHQ not picking up systems properly
  25. [SOLVED] msvcr100.dll missing or crashes HyperLaunchHQ
  26. Important - New Systems.xml format
  27. [SOLVED] epsxe module wont see img files
  28. ahk_class MAME error
  29. My Database for GameEx not showing now!
  30. [SOLVED] New Systems Not Showing Up
  31. [SOLVED] Your global keymapper is set to "" error
  32. VOTE, RocketArcade Games be born
  33. [SOLVED] No emulator's show under new hyperlaunch
  34. HLHQ Keymapping Question for problem I cant seem to solve. (Advanced)
  35. Receiving a dxwnd.ini error, any ideas?
  36. Just upgraded to new RL. HS error
  37. [SOLVED] RocketLauncherUI Update
  38. [SOLVED] error : Cannot read from a closed text reader
  39. [SOLVED] Update avalible?
  40. [SOLVED] RL no Systems, no Emu's after transition.....
  41. [SOLVED] New RocketLauncher has caused Daemon tools to break
  42. Translate RocketLauncherUI
  43. [SOLVED] PC/Steam games dont launch
  44. [SOLVED] Loaded RLauncher 1.0 and followed transition steps from HL3, but no Global Emulators
  45. Updating to RL and PC games
  46. Hyperspin not loading roms
  47. Controller set up?
  48. [SOLVED] empty Preferred Controller List
  49. Sega Dreamcast help
  50. Interesting "Emulator Selection" dilemma
  51. RLUI shows HyperSpin main menu entries that are not enabled
  52. [SOLVED] AAE global settings error
  53. Exit Emulator Key
  54. RocketLauncher show & hide games after audit
  55. [SOLVED] Maybe-Intro setup?
  56. Can't add systems in RetroFE?
  57. [SOLVED] Error thrown during Game Audit
  58. Sega Saturn SSF - Launches emu then closes
  59. [SOLVED] cannot get rocket launcher to work
  60. [SOLVED] Doesn't Update Missing Modules
  61. Mednefan not launching for the Atari Lynx, but works for all the other emulators.
  62. How to Change Path of module extensions
  63. I'm stuck on this
  64. [SOLVED] Black screen when start MAME in RocketlauncherUI.
  65. Description error for Pinball FX2 settings
  66. RLUI will not open some browser dialogues.
  67. Coleco Handheld games
  68. CLI Parameter in Emulators
  69. [SOLVED] Couldn't connect to server, please check if you have internet connectivity
  70. little BUG - Comma on field
  71. Could not install Bebas ?
  72. Hyperspin frontend won't stay active after closing RLUI
  73. Error Launching Games from RLUI
  74. Problem launching Sega CD with Fusion 3.64 (Fusion Module) with RocketLauncher
  75. RLUI not start the updater
  76. Problems launching any Mame or Mess games
  77. [SOLVED] Getting this error after the recent update. (No preferred controller selected)
  78. Valid emulators/modules setting for the modules tab
  79. AutoHotKey w/ SNK Neo Geo MVS
  80. Odd mame audit problem
  81. Launching Atari 800 games with rom ext
  82. Need Help, Moduals are now showing up.
  83. RocketLauncherUI will not update anymore?
  84. [SOLVED] rlaucher ui update on xp sp3
  85. [SOLVED] Pinball Arcade (Steam) and Rlauncher
  86. Vectrex Overlays
  87. [SOLVED] All settings gone after update?
  88. [SOLVED] RocketLauncherUI want install updates
  89. [SOLVED] NO longer being prompted with updates when launching RLUI
  90. RocketLauncherUI update failed at CRL_L.ahk due to bad hash...
  91. after the new update cannot load any games anymore
  92. CPS3 Emulator (Nebula) missing as Default Emulator option for CPS3
  93. Sega CD, Not Launching
  94. GSync Monitor Windowed / Fullscreen Lag Fix with RocketLauncher
  95. Please advise on this log
  96. [SOLVED] RLUI Not Letting me edit Keys!!!!
  97. RocketLauncherUI always prompts for updates
  98. Rlauncher - can't connect to server, check your internet... ?
  99. [SOLVED] HELP!!! All my systems just disappeared from Rocket Launcher
  100. Still have issues with the Exit key
  101. Trying to launch SNES games and getting this error.
  102. Any chance for a Zspin integration in RL, i need a plugin to make zspin active in RL
  103. [SOLVED] RocketLauncherUI not opening following migration
  104. I cant change directories on global emulators +PIC
  105. Problem adding hyperspin as default frontend.
  106. Having trouble getting MAME to work
  107. [SOLVED] RLauncherUI Error on ExFAT Volume
  108. where to force aspect ration for HQMAME through RLUI
  109. General RLUI Questions
  110. Alternate Emulators bug?
  111. Can a Batch file be added previous to RL starting a emulator?
  112. [SOLVED] The MultiGame Tab...
  113. 'RocketLauncher.UI.Util.JoystickUtil' threw an exception. ---> System.InvalidProgramException
  114. RLUI - Joystick support
  115. [SOLVED] error 0xc00007b under rocketlauncher + Dolphin
  116. RI update screwed my HyperSpin
  117. When I lauch a mame game in RL the entire mame list launches
  118. [SOLVED] Launchung non Arcade with MAME
  119. RLUI Update Issue
  120. Lost Global Systems
  121. Pause and force resolution
  122. Wrong words in info popup
  123. [SOLVED] Can't Define Exit Emulator Key Hold Time
  124. Sudden error when launching games
  125. rocketlauncher won't open
  126. Can't find .xml even though it exists.
  127. c:\RocketLauncher\RocketlauncherUI\Databases\Syste ms.XML error please help
  128. [SOLVED] Settings for PCSX2 in RocketlauncherUI
  129. RocketLauncherUI.exe wont start after updating
  130. [SOLVED] Hikaru demul 0.7a
  131. [SOLVED] getting eXoDOS to audit correctly
  132. [SOLVED] Erro auto update rocketlauncher!
  133. [SOLVED] rocketlauncherui has stopped working...
  134. Controller Order
  135. Are HS and RL duplicate folders the correct setup.
  136. How do i enter emulators and roms to rocketlauncher
  137. [SOLVED] Rocketlauncher v1.0.0.9 / Won't check for updates
  138. RLauncher ProSystem
  139. [SOLVED] MAME rom Launch error
  140. [SOLVED] After updating Rlauncher i got problems with Yabause
  141. [SOLVED] All ok2 days ago now nothing but errors
  142. [SOLVED] Games launch from RLUI but it takes a really REALLY long time to execute
  143. PC Launcher error after RL update
  144. [SOLVED] RocketLauncher UI notifys of new updates, and there are none
  145. [SOLVED] Error updating RL
  146. "RocketLauncherUI.exe has stopped working" on launch
  147. [SOLVED] No Systems In Global After Update
  148. [SOLVED] games launched through RL and Hyperspin don't show al info ?
  149. [SOLVED] RocketLauncher ROM inventory has bug - does not find ROMS with quotes (') in the file name
  150. [SOLVED] RocketLauncher recognizes .zip but not 7z NES roms
  151. Problem with MS-DOS and eXoDOS
  152. [SOLVED] Could not Find "xxxxxx" inside the archive with any defined ROM extensions.
  153. Using newest MAME build from git.
  154. Rlauncher web-service
  155. [SOLVED] Custom Cursor Problem
  156. Bug on Restore Resolution On Exit
  157. Any way to change the order in which games are displayed in RocketLauncher UI?
  158. Error when launching SFIV Taito Type X
  159. Error when add a system
  160. RocketlauncherUI always Tells me there are new updates available
  161. AutoHotkey.dll Error - Not a valid key name
  162. capturing hotkeys gives autohotkey32.dll error - 0
  163. Rocket launcher ui and win 10
  164. Save System Audit of Games
  165. UI Opening and then disapears
  166. Rocketlauncher won't find some game when I audit them
  167. [SOLVED] when click on Emulators,its empty
  168. [SOLVED] Bug report: Invalid token when removing system from list in RLUI
  169. [SOLVED] PCSX2 - Match Extension/7zip Issue
  170. Gameboy settings
  171. [SOLVED] Daemon Tools Syntax issue on v10.3
  172. [SOLVED] Updates detected, but no updates
  173. RocketLauncher & Daemon Tool Lite (3DO, CDgames) error
  174. Exit emulator key, two keys pressed at once for 3 seconds?
  175. [SOLVED] Drop down menus, checkboxes, etc not showing in RLUI
  176. RocketLauncherUI will not boot.
  177. [SOLVED] PCSX2 GSdx.ini Error
  178. [SOLVED] AHK.DLL error " ・" is not a valid key name when launching game from RL
  179. Can't update; "Couldn't connect to server" message
  180. [SOLVED] Getting script warning with 2016/04/28 RLUI update
  181. [SOLVED] This app can't run on your pc
  182. [SOLVED] Getting an error: path has an invalid form
  183. RocketLauncherUI dont run anymore!
  184. Windows size
  185. How to list ROMs that are not present in the DB
  186. RocketLauncher Won't Run ROM, Initializes then quits
  187. Daemon Tools Syntax issue on v10.3 part 2
  188. "RocketLauncherUI has stopped working" on launch (Not every time)
  189. [SOLVED] Bug Report: MAME.ahk version 2.3.4 and fmnew7
  190. Progress bar doesn't work anymore
  191. Problem with Sega Model 2 (Emulator)
  192. Update install cannot access file because it is being used by another program
  193. Script or Option to copy Hyperspin databases to RLUI
  194. List of Systems
  195. Launchbox plugin, not showing all systems.
  196. RocketlauncherUI is deleting my media.
  197. Help please "error ahk_class mame" Emulator MAME v0.140 oficial
  198. Cannot Set Time For Button Hold
  199. RLUI not updated
  200. Cant use Default Emulator for Gameboy in RockerLauncherUI
  201. [SOLVED] RocketLauncherUI crashes at startup every time
  202. RL + WinUAE settings problem
  203. Games Won't Start From RLauncher
  204. I get black screen on my rocketlauncherUI when i pick a game .I can hear it ..play with buttons but screen is dark.help!
  205. RL won't launch games on any system (tries to find an unexisting .xml)!
  206. Multiple Screens
  207. [SOLVED] Dolphin on Rocketlauncher issue
  208. RocketLauncher error with all systems apart from MAME.
  209. Audit games issue
  210. Update error in RocketLauncherUI
  211. [HELP] Multiple system but 1 emulator config ?
  212. Taito Type X games load then crash
  213. [SOLVED] Audit issue
  214. RLUI quick question on a setting
  215. Picking a default emulator - list is empty
  216. Couldn't Connect To Server
  217. Someone shares a full RocketLauncherUI ??
  218. Non-module ahk scripts being shown in modules list
  219. RlauncherUI update to 1.20 nes error
  220. Lanching Mame Game, get initializing black screen.. then back to rocketlauncher UI
  221. [SOLVED] System Atari Jaguar has a duplicate entry in the main database
  222. Deleting a system deletes all of your HyperSpin Media? Really...?!?
  223. Rocket launcher UI no longer opens
  224. Mother 3 GBA not found RocketlauncherUI
  225. [HELP] Downloaded Rocket Launcher and will not open has errors?
  226. Sound in RLUI and Fade Error
  227. [SOLVED] Having difficulty with System Audit and some systems...
  228. Game is green in RL but will not start
  229. RocketLauncherUI won't update? Also Nestopia issue?
  230. I did an Update and now no games are working
  231. Trouble after last update - 7z
  232. [SOLVED] Newest Update Error
  233. attractmode.plugin
  234. Rom help
  235. Can't update rocketlauncher
  236. CPS2 games will not launch in RocketLaunchUI
  237. No built in emulators showing up
  238. Games missing
  239. HELP RocketLauncherUI SideBySide Error
  240. PCLauncher does not know what fade, title, or exe to watch for?
  241. AHK script found/attached to module but not functioning?
  242. Problem running DICE emulator through RocketLauncher
  243. RL And Play Station 2 emulator Help needed
  244. Could not find Citras ini file error
  245. Fade Animations
  246. PC game launches fine through RLUI's Global Settings Game setup but not through RLUI's Games/Launch
  247. Exit Emulator Key
  248. Rocket Launcher does not load "Global Emulators.ini" ...
  249. Weird sound when going out of a game
  250. RL not saving Emu or ROM info