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  1. Fade Out flicker with MAME and MESS

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    Flicker occurs when trying to draw on top of a true fullscreen application. There is nothing HL can do about this. You have to run the emu with windowed mode or bezels or a fullscreen windowed mode to not have flicker. Or just turn off fadeout on that system.
  2. PS2 Bin/Cue Naming

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    If you are renaming cue and bin files make sure the cue file contents are also getting renamed or you'll end up with broken files.
    That being said I don't think any PS2 CD based game has multiple audio tracks (at least don't recall any) in that case you can simply remove cue from your rom extensions and load the bin files directly.
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  3. hyper launch wont work properly

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    My Hyperlaunch does not work.
  4. Bliss-Box on Kickstarter!

    I'm sure many of you have heard of this device in the past. The creator has really improved on the design and you only need 4 ports now vs the old design where you needed one for each controller type for each player. This is a much smarter design and I hope the best for the creator!

    So if you want to use your original controllers for all your emulators (and who doesn't?), go over and check it out and give him support so he reaches his goal!