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  • RocketLauncher v1.1.1.0


    • 7z.ahk updated to v1.0.9
      • Fixed scenario when fadein/out were disabled and 7z was enabled that extraction sounds would play.


    • MiscUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.1.1
      • Added SetErrorMode method


    • RocketLauncher updated to v1.1.1.0
      • Updated base ahk version to
      • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.5
      • Fixed layer bug with extra fixed width bezel used for VMU display


    • RIniFile.ahk (Class) updated to v1.1.1
      • Fixed Read method condition causing the function not to work properly when default value was 0
      • Fixed Read method bug that was causing ini values not to be read when they contained some specific strings


    • KeyUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
      • Forcing WaitCommandOffset to 0 when set to an empty string in SendCommand

    • Fade Animations.ahk updated to v1.2.3
      • Fixed regression causing Fade-In to freeze when using Fade_7z_Progress_Mode=custom

    • Shared.ahk updated to v1.4.7
      • Forcing WaitCommandOffset to 0 when set to an empty string in SendCommand
      • RIni Extension Library updated
      • Updated library to support trailing spaces on ini keys (Read function)


    • LaunchBox plugin updated
    • Update to take into account additional media folders add by the LaunchBox developer.
    • Warning: if you get slowdowns while launching games through LaunchBox disable some of the artwork labels on the plugin options. The LaunchBox plugin checks for a huge amount of possible media file locations because the way that the frontend was designed, what could cause delay when launching games.
    • Warning 2: the current plugin does not support user defined media paths.


    • File.ahk (Class) updated to v1.6
      • Changed order of parameters for Copy function


    • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.4
      • Added the key modifier ~ to all bezel and IC keys automatically


    • RocketLauncher updated to v1.1.0.7a
      • Removed Shader_Change_Key as it's not ready yet.
      • ExitScriptKey can now be disabled by setting it to "none"
      • Fixed settings made in Game Options.ini not taking effect
      • Fixed LaunchLock working opposite when DirectOnly mode was set on a specific game


    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.4
      • Fixed bug with clone game use of parent media.
      • Added restriction to avoid exiting pause while disabling keys to avoid problems with the pause keys disabled when returning to the game.

    • LaunchBox.plugin added
      • Added first version of the LaunchBox FrontEnd RocketLauncher plugin.
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    1. djvj's Avatar
      djvj -

      • 7z.ahk updated to v1.1.0
        • Fixed scenario when rom was not compressed and fade would not show correctly when enabled.

      • Fade.ahk updated to v1.1.9
        • Changed some logs to show correct info
    1. Dime333's Avatar
      Dime333 -
      Thanks, guys. Really appreciated.
    1. Knewlife's Avatar
      Knewlife -
      Thanks for the great work guys can't wait to get home and setup a new system
      Sent from my Nokia Lumia 520 using Tapatalk
    1. Jazzphone's Avatar
      Jazzphone -
      Amazing work, and glad to finally see the LaunchBox plugin!

      There does seem to be an issue with auditing the database with the LaunchBox plugin however.

      If you audit a system for games and then move on to another system to audit, it retains all the original system's games and it appears all the files are missing.

      Other than that, everything is working great, and the plugin is updating and show new and existing games that have been added.

      Thanks everyone!
    1. Knewlife's Avatar
      Knewlife -
      The LB plugin don't returns the games information if the path to the game is relative to LaunchBox and not absolute. Is an easy fix, details here: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showt...ll=1#post29098