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  • RocketLauncher v1.2.0.0

    Many of the changes for this update are code rewrite/cleanup for future proofing RocketLauncher's codebase. There are still some outstanding bugs that we have not had time to get to. Apologies for that, I just wanted to get this update out as it's been awhile.

    This release includes the LaunchBox plugin update many have been waiting for, along with the User Functions refactoring brolly posted about here. So any of you using your own custom code, you will have to move it into the new files.

    Every module/lib was also updated with header changes. This doesn't mean they have any new features or anything, just that the old method for the headers will now fail in RLUI.

    The Full Install download has also been updated to reflect this version in the Downloads section.


    • RocketLauncher updated to v1.2.0.0
      • Version change to 1.2.x.x series


    • Window.ahk (Class) updated to v1.2.3
      • Added support for the Wait functions to silence errors when you simply want to wait for a window and not react to it not showing.
      • Changed Maximize function to always remove the menubar rather than toggling which in some scenarios may re-enable the menubar if previoulsy removed.

    • StringUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.5.3
      • Updated SplitPath function to not require outFileName


    • 7z.ahk updated to v1.1.3
      • Added support for the option 7z_Delete_per_System. If attach system name is true and this option is enabled, the last # played games will be kept at a system basis (where # is the number of games defined on the 7z Games to Keep option)

    • Pause.ahk updated to 1.2.11
      • Fixed bug with IPAC loading profile.
      • Fixed bug with multigame compressed discs.


    • 7z.ahk updated to v1.1.2
      • Added support for deleting games extracted, except for the last # games, were # is a number defined by the user. Just set the option 7z_Games_to_Keep to any number in order to define the number of files to be kept.


    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.10
      • Fixed bug with PauseMediaObj not being created when some pause menus were disabled by the user.


    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.9
      • Added support for main menu bar logo images. Images should be placed at RocketLauncher\Media\Logos\Pause\_Default folder, and follow the naming convention: "[menu item label] - selected.png" and "[menu item label] - disabled.png". For example: C:\RocketLauncher\Media\Logos\Pause\_Default\Artwo rk - selected.png. The disabled logo image is not required.
      • Fixed bug with save states description wrong displayed for non existent inis.


    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.8
      • Added support for defining alternative main menu bar label names.
      • Fixed bug with ini settings loading and saving.


    • LaunchBox.plugin updated to v1.0.1
      • Added support for new database info location. LaunchBox version 6.10 or up is required to use the plugin.


    • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.9
      • Added support for setting a custom aspect ratio on the Extra_FullScreen_Bezel option.
      • Values admited: true, fill or an aspect ratio in the format "numberXnumber". True or fill forces the game window to fill the monitor area. 16x9, 4x3, 21x9, or any other aspect ratio resizes the game window to match the desired aspect ratio.


    • Removed global declarations and refactored function parameters for all below libs/classes

    • RocketLauncher.ahk (Class) updated to v1.7.3
    • Logger.ahk (Class) updated to v1.1.1
    • MiscTools.ahk (Class) updated to v1.1.2
    • MessageUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
    • Registry.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
    • TimerUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
    • StringUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.5.2
    • Process.ahk (Class) updated to v1.5.1
    • IniFile.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
    • Folder.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
    • File.ahk (Class) updated to v1.6.1
    • Emulator.ahk (Class) updated to v1.1.1
    • RIniFile (Class) updated to v1.1.3
    • KeyUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.2
    • Control.ahk (Class) updated to v1.2.2
    • Window.ahk (Class) updated to v1.2.2
    • WindowTitle.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
    • 7z.ahk updated to v1.1.1
    • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.8
    • Fade Animations.ahk updated to v1.2.5
    • Fade.ahk updated to v1.2.1
    • Fade Init.ahk updated to v1.0.4
    • Keymapper Init updated to v1.0.7
    • Keymapper updated to v1.1.6
    • MultiGame Init.ahk updated to v1.0.1
    • MultiGame.ahk updated to v1.1.1
    • Fixed 7z not extracting files on games chosen from MG
    • MultiPlayer.ahk updated to v1.0.9
    • Password.ahk updated to v1.0.5
    • Pause Init updated to v1.0.4
    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.6
    • Rom Mapping Launch Menu.ahk updated to v1.0.8
    • Shader Init updated to v1.0.2
    • Shader.ahk updated to v1.0.3
    • Shared.ahk updated to v1.4.8
    • Statistics.ahk updated to v1.0.5
    • Virtual Drive.ahk updated to v1.0.7
    • XHotkey Init updated to v1.0.3
    • XHotkey updated to v1.0.5


    • Updated all RL plugins to add CRC and Version info


    • RIni Extension Library updated
    • Created new function (RIni_GetRLKeyValue) that will return better error codes than the default ones
    • Currently it wasn't possible to use ini key values of -2,-3 or -10
    • RIniFile (Class) updated to v1.1.2
    • Modified Read function to use the new RIni_GetRLKeyValue from RIni
    • CustomFunction.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.3
    • Updated methods to call the new class based custom user functions
    • UserFunction (Class) created
    • Base class that all custom user functions should extend
    • GameFunction (Class) created
    • Base class that game specific user functions should extend
    • User Functions (Example) updated
    • The User Functions feature was expanded to use a class based hierarquical file system instead of relying on a single file
    • Check the new User Functions (Example) folder for examples
    • *** All users will need to manually move and rename their User Functions.ahk file located in RocketLauncher\Lib\User Functions.ahk to RocketLauncher\Lib\User Functions\Global.ahk. Besides that the actual code also needs to be updated, make sure you read about all the details BEFORE updating at: www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?4039.


    • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.7
      • Fixed bezel offset bug
      • Updated code to use shared.ahk moveWindow function

    • Shader.ahk updated to v1.0.2
      • Added extra logs and adjusted log levels


    • LaunchBox.plugin updated
      • Fixed disable media search bug


    • LaunchBox.plugin updated
      • Moved FE media assets not required at fade to the function loadAdditionalFEAssets() to be called when necessary
      • Replaced relative path function with dll call

    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.6
      • Added call to function loadAdditionalFEAssets.

    • Shader Init updated to v1.0.1
      • Removed A_ThisFunc reference from log call

    • CustomFunction.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.2
      • Added new wrapper methods: PreBezelDraw, SetFullscreenPostLaunch, SetFullscreenPreLaunch, HaltGame and RestoreGame


    • RocketLauncher updated to v1.1.1.2
      • emuFullPath is now converted to absolute even when skipchecks is Rom and Emu and PCLauncher is used
      • Added new settings: Cursor_Size, 7z_Games_to_Keep, 7z_Delete_per_System
      • Now checks for crc on Front End Plugins


    • RocketLauncher DLL updated to v1.0.1.0
      • Added new methods to hide window borders and title bar
      • Fixed unhandled condition in getDisplayScalingPercentage where a registry key might not exist

    • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.6
      • Updated BezelDraw to use new hide methods from the DLL instead of using AHK WinSet commands
      • Extracted code to hide window decorators and menuBar to a single function
      • Added CustomFunction.PreBezelDraw() call

    • RocketLauncher.ahk (Class) updated to v1.7.2
      • Added hideWindowBorder and hideWindowTitleBar methods

    • CustomFunction.ahk updated to v1.0.1
      • Added new wrapper methods: PreStart, PostStop, PrePauseStart and PostPauseStop

    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.5
      • Using CustomFunction class for Start/Stop Pause user functions instead of calling them directly

    • Fade.ahk updated to v1.2.0
      • Using CustomFunction class for Start/Stop Global user functions instead of calling them directly


    • Window.ahk (Class) updated to v1.2.1
      • Improved RemoveTitlebar function


    • Control.ahk (Class) updated to v1.2.1
      • Added support for TopMost controls


    • Virtual Drive.ahk updated to v1.0.6
      • Added support for Damon Tools Lite 10.4
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    1. dgrace's Avatar
      dgrace -
      Has Demulshooter been added to RLUI yet? If not, do we know when that might happen? It's an amazing program to play Sega Model 2, Demul, some PC, and Dolphin light gun games in 2 player dual mode. But can be a pain sometimes having to use the CMD line to use it. This would be a sweet feature via RLUI. I know some have figured it out with the USERS FUNCTION AHK, but that method can be complicated to figure out for some (including myself). Thanks
    1. brolly's Avatar
      brolly -
      When someone that actually uses it helps djvj figuring something out with it, there's a thread somewhere where he asks about it, but it has been so long that I don't even recall what the problem was anymore.
    1. djvj's Avatar
      djvj -
      Yea I don't even recall where we left off with it, it's on the forum somewhere.
    1. brolly's Avatar
      brolly -
      Ok, found it:

      Basically seems the question was if you could run DemulShooter from a separate folder or not. After quickly checking the docs it seems that you can : "...Just unzip it in whatever directory you want..."
    1. tonesmalone's Avatar
      tonesmalone -
      Quote Originally Posted by brolly View Post
      Ok, found it:

      Basically seems the question was if you could run DemulShooter from a separate folder or not. After quickly checking the docs it seems that you can : "...Just unzip it in whatever directory you want..."
      Absolutely, it can be from where ever - it just needs the correct arguments sent on launch.

      I've just got an aimtrak and would be very happy to help getting this working nicely with RL.
    1. tonesmalone's Avatar
      tonesmalone -
      Couple more thoughts on this...

      I'm guessing the way to implement would be:

      - add a module system setting to define the path to demulshooter exe. Or do this globally in main RL settings.
      - add a module game setting to enable demulshooter on the relevant games. Boolean option.
      - Add code to the module that checks the game demulshooter setting, if true load demulshooter at launch - with relevant command line options.
      - Add module code to kill demulshooter on game exit, if it was enabled.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    1. Knewlife's Avatar
      Knewlife -
      Grat work guys ... Pause menu works nicer now ... Navigate the options is very responsive now... did you improve it or is just me ? :P

      Gonna compress some of my multidisks uncompressed games to test multigame.
    1. tonesmalone's Avatar
      tonesmalone -
      Posted some initial code to get demulshooter working with the demul module. It's quick and dirty, but it works and gives us a start.

    1. djvj's Avatar
      djvj -

      • LaunchBox plugin updated to v1.0.2
        • Fixed bug causing images and info not to display when there were special characters in the game path

      • Window.ahk (Class) updated to v1.2.4
        • Added ControlSend function

      Also, all the plugins were updated again using the new module header method.