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  • RocketLauncher v1.2.0.1


    • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.11
      • All log entries now use Log class

    • Fade.ahk updated to v1.2.3
      • All log entries now use Log class
      • Refactored lib for future upgrades

    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.17
      • All log entries now use Log class

    • 7z.ahk updated to v1.1.4
      • Added is7zExtension method


    • Fade.ahk updated to v1.2.2
      • Fixed bug with Front End not resuming process when an error occurred and RL had to end early


    • File.ahk (Class) updated to v1.6.4
      • Added GetVersion method

    • Shared.ahk updated to v1.5.1
      • StartModule() now handles when roms are found by extension and no longer reverts romName to dbName.


    • RocketLauncher.ahk (Class) updated to v1.7.6
      • Added all XML read/write DLL wrapper methods


    • Process.ahk (Class) updated to v1.5.3
      • Added ProcessClose and ProcessWaitClose methods

    • Bezel.ahk updated to v1.2.10
      • HideWindowDecorators was being called with the wrong variable for multi screen bezels


    • StringUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.5.5
      • Defaulting TitleCase parameter in Lower and Upper functions

    • RocketLauncher.dll updated to v1.1.0.0
      • Updated to use .NET 4.0
      • Added several new methods to handle XML reading/writing using XPath expressions


    • RocketlauncherUI, HyperSpin and HyperPin plugins (version 1.0.2)
      • Added support for xml game name search using either escaped or unescaped xml invalid characters on the database files.

    • ArchiveFile.ahk (Class) initial release
    • FileUtils.ahk (Class) initial release
    • XmlFile.ahk (Class) initial release


    • ArrayUtils.ahk (Class) initial release
    • LocaleUtils.ahk (Class) initial release
      • Moved i18n method here


    • RocketLauncher.ahk (Class) updated to v1.7.5
      • Added new getFileInfo method


    • RocketLauncher.dll updated to v1.0.1.1
      • Fixed bug causing pdf conversion to fail on fails containing the % on their name
      • Added new getFileInfo method


    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.16
      • Fix for bug on pause media object construction that in under circumstances caused items on pause submenus to be incompletely defined.
      • Fix for pause video start when pause menu launches directly to the video menu.


    • Shared.ahk updated to v1.5.0
      • Added translation of Open and Start to StartModule() so it is no longer needed on each module it's needed in
      • Removed i18n function in favor of MiscUtils class method

    • MiscUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.1.3
      • TaskBar method now supports i18n translations from \Data\Language\Localization.ini so hiding of taskbar button should now hide it for non-english systems
      • Localization.ini updated
      • Added translations for "Start"


    • Pause.ahk updated to 1.2.15
      • Extra logs added.

    • LaunchBox, RocketlauncherUI, HyperSpin and HyperPin plugins (same version as before)
      • Updated wrong CRC values

    • Xhotkey.ahk updated to 1.0.6 and XHotKeyInit.ahk updated to 1.0.4
      • Improved Keyboard hotkey code


    • Pause.ahk updated to 1.2.14
      • Added customizable pause main menu labels for Change Disc
      • *** Users need to include the new Change Disc label to the pause main menu labels field or follow the warning instructions in their logs to adapt their settings to the newly added customizable Change Disc label feature.
      • Added log warnings for possible errors on the pause main menu labels definition.
      • Removed statistics menu extra leading double quote on game statistics and trailing double quote on average time played.


    • RocketLauncher.ahk (Class) updated to v1.7.4
      • Refactored some functions

    • File.ahk (Class) updated to v1.6.3
      • Refactored some functions

    • CLR_L.ahk (extension) updated
      • Refactored some functions


    • LaunchBox plugin updated to v1.0.3 and RocketlauncherUI, HyperSpin and HyperPin plugins updated to 1.0.1
      • Fixed bug on database search for games with apostrophe in their names

    • Pause.ahk updated to 1.2.13
      • Fixed bug on the help text placement and size calculation
      • Added support for help text bottom and right margins
      • Fixed bug with pause menu logos not being properly parsed
      • Added support for pause menu logos at game, system and default levels. They all share the RocketLauncher default media structure, for example, the pause menu logos for an specific game should be located at: RocketLauncher\Media\Pause\Menu Logos\SystemName\GameName\Artwork - Selected.png
      • *** Adding support for the extra pause menu logo folders require to the users to move their previous pause menu logos location to the following folder: RocketLauncher\Media\Pause\Menu Logos\_Default


    • RocketLauncher updated to v1.2.0.1
      • Added support for PropertiesFile Class
      • Changed log about missing user functions from Warning to Info
      • Adjusted behavior and logging during launches where a frontend path is supplied but not found
      • Archive extensions now get automatically added into the romExtensions when 7z is enabled so they don't need to be defined for each system
      • Added new setting: 7z_Extensions - The supported archive extensions RocketLauncher will search for when 7z is enabled. These extensions do not need to be added to the emulator's extension list as they will automatically be added to the front of searched extensions only when 7z is enabled for that system.

    • StringUtils.ahk (Class) updated to v1.5.4
    • Shared.ahk updated to v1.4.9
      • Fixed module header in log from not showing correct MAuthor, MSystem, MURL and MID


    • PropertiesFile.ahk (Class) initial release
    • DemulShooter.ahk (Class) updated to v1.0.1
      • Fixed parameters string construction on Launch method

    • Process.ahk (Class) updated to v1.5.2
      • Automatically add leading space to params when constructing the parameters string, right now user was forced to type a leading space in params which was confusing


    • File.ahk (Class) updated to v1.6.2
      • Added GetSize method


    • Pause.ahk updated to v1.2.12
      • Fixed bug avoiding the user to disable the save and load state pause menus

    RocketLauncherUI Update:


    • RocketLauncherUI updated to v1.0.1.10
    • Added support for DemulShooter setting
    • Added button to cancel a running game audit
    • Split the existing "Clear Old Data" checkbox into 3 different on the system creation wizard, also improved their descriptions to make it clearer what each one will do. Media and Database deletion are now disabled by default
    • Added support for Help_Right_Margin and Help_Bottom_Margin settings on Pause.ini
    • Added support for the new 7z_Extensions setting
    • Refactored auditing to take the 7z_Extensions setting into consideration
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    1. blkhwksfan's Avatar
      blkhwksfan -
      Am I dumb but the password for opening rocket launcher is not working
    1. alcoatjez's Avatar
      alcoatjez -
      Just make sure to type it exactly as it's shown (or better copy it) and it's working fine here.