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  1. Module Notes for FourDO Module Need to Be Updated

    "This emu only supports cue/iso images"

    This is no longer true. img files work fine.

    *edit* Emulator version Module version 2.0.3 (lists Emul. Version as v1.3.2.1)
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    Re: PCSX2 Module Logic Bug


    Thank you!
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    Re: Exit Emulator Key not working for PCSX2

    Thought I'd post for anyone who ran into this issue for the same reason I did. I had previously had my controller exit hotkey working. For unrelated reasons, I had done a clean install of PCSX2 and...
  4. Re: MAME No Longer Works. Feeling Utterly Defeated.

    If I set videomode in the module to ini, I blackscreen and have to reset, whereas if I run mame64 directly with bgfx and d3d11 as the backend, it works. I have a guess that somehow rocketlauncher is...
  5. Re: MAME No Longer Works. Feeling Utterly Defeated.

    It hadn't been updated since January 2017 even though the option was still checked. Updating fixed the AHK issue. Still can't use D3D in MAME or MESS, as it fucks my system so hard that nothing but...
  6. Re: MAME No Longer Works. Feeling Utterly Defeated.

    I'm using 2.3.8. Doesn't RocketLauncherUI automatically update to the latest at startup? Is there a newer one somehwere?
  7. MAME No Longer Works. Feeling Utterly Defeated.

    Trying to run with video set to auto in MAME.ini causes the screen to just go black. Changing that to bgfx fixed it so I can run mame just fine directly, but launching through RocketLauncher, I get...
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    Mednafen with Mod. 2.1.7 works fine, but after upgrading to, launching PSX games hangs and stdout gives "Unrecognized argument: -physcd".

    Is there a trick to getting the latest version working?
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