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  1. Re: Rlauncher puts single mame ini Files in mame directory

    yes youre right , it isnt rocketlauncher.
    If i launch the bat it puts the ini in the main folder , if i run the game when i use mameui64 it puts it in the ini folder

    But i solved the problem i...
  2. Re: Rlauncher puts single mame ini Files in mame directory

    Does it make any difference if i use PcLauncher to launch a mame game , ive put the ini in the module but thats Mame Module.
    I use a Reshade CRT GEOM shader as i prefer it over mame hlsl.

    i found...
  3. Rlauncher puts single mame ini Files in mame directory

    I setup mame with like 36000 roms so I will play a lot of games only if I launch the games with rocketlauncher it will put the ini in the Main Mame directory where the mameui64.exe is so if I play a...
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    Re: Exit emulator hold hlep

    I tried to setup the hold button for exiting Mame only as soon as I press the buttons it exits immediately.
    So I cant get it to hold for 3 sec or so
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    Brightness Contrast Gamma settings

    I ve been adjusting my Mame on LCD , and found out the best result the way it looks is when i put my Brightness settings from my lcd to the max.

    Also the contrast needed some adjusting , after...
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    Using Reshade CRT GEOM with Mame

    i want to use this Shader CRT GEOM (Reshade) with Certain Games , instead of Hlsl built in from Mame

    so essentially i want to use both, i come across some trouble though

    As soon as i...
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    Multiple Layer Animated options

    I was hoping if somebody could be able to add more Animated Layers in RocketLauncher
    example a Layer 5
    So we could enable a second animated image

    Layer 5 (1).png - Layer 5 (2).png ...
  8. Re: Sega Model 2 Virtua Cop 1 & 2 not launching through Hyperspin

    i had to play with the resolution settings & also seem to use a widescreen lua script for it to appear in widescreen
    that way it launches correct through hyperspin
  9. Sega Model 2 Virtua Cop 1 & 2 not launching through Hyperspin

    I have a problem Launching Virtua Cop 1 & 2 through |HyperSPin
    When i start to load virtua cop as it launches it returns to the HyperSpin wheel & sega model 2 is running in the background if i alt...
  10. Demul 28042018 fade in keeps running after Game Launches

    Im using the Latest Demul 28042018
    When i start a game through rocketlauncher the game launches full screen & takes over the Fade In screen
    but since Fade in keeps Running in the...
  11. MESS [module] launching Systems \ (PAL \ NTSC \ JAP)

    Hello im using MESS for launching Console Games through RocketLauncher

    I want to launch the Pal system example Sms1PAL [Sega Master System PAL] for PAL GAMES
    & the NTSC [sms] for launching NTSC...
  12. Re: Publisher Text wont display when loading Games

    17:52:25:385 | RL | INFO | +N/A | Main - RocketLauncher v1.2.0.1 (
    17:52:25:455 | RL | WARNING | +62 | Main - Logging level is debug or higher and will cause...
  13. Re: Publisher Text wont display when loading Games

    10:28:35:520 | RL | INFO | +N/A | Main - RocketLauncher v1.2.0.1 (
    10:28:35:684 | RL | INFO | +156 | Main - System Specs:
    RocketLauncher Dir:...
  14. Publisher Text wont display when loading Games

    Hello i played around with the Fade Info Appearance settings

    Description | SystemName | Year | Rating appear fine except the Publisher wont show

    i can see the coordinates in the log

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    Re: Playing random Intro videos

    yes i already went to hyperspin forum before asking , i also tried some one else his .exe but after back & forth i think he gave up lol
    on my laptop this randomizer works even the map is read only ...
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    Re: Playing random Intro videos

    i wish i was handy with scripts but im not since you have more knowledge about it could you make a script plz
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    Re: Playing random Intro videos

    Hyperspin , I had an app randomizer but it stopped working all of sudden
    I don't know any other program out there that does the job so I tried asking here
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    Playing random Intro videos

    Could you guys make a update to allow playing random Intro videos when starting a frontend

    I tried downloading some apps but suddenly it stopped working
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    Re: Mame Mess module

    How can i Launch or setup RocketLauncher to use example the NES PAL bios instead of the NTSC bios.
    it automaticallly selects the NTSC bios or can you add something to the module to allow region...
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    Re: Mame Mess module

    i tried out the mess module and it works
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    Mame Mess module

    I ve been messing around with Mame console emulation

    its basically mess , which the console has a & rom location .
    if I want to use it with rocketlauncher since it has Eur, USA & Jap...
  22. Fade in screen appears whenever i exit out of a game

    i get a glimpse of the Fade in (Now Loading) Screen when now i exit a game.

    dont know what it is but its annoying, i noticed this when i switched some Hdds inside the pc

    how can i fix this
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    launching steam games problem

    im having difficulties starting a STeam game through HyperSpin.

    If i enter the SteamID into global settings. In HyperSpin the game only starts if Steam is running in the background, it doesnt...
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    NullDC module [ system region]

    Could you plz add an option in the RocketLaunchers NullDC Module to allow to select the System Region example - to EUR or USA or Jap

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Support for Animations during Fade Out

    Yes i did it doesnt work what it does is just displaying the first layer image of the GIF.

    Thats why i like to request support for animated support for FADE out [Background (Fullscreen Layer...
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