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  1. [SOLVED] Low framerates on MAME SHMUPs when launching through RetroFE

    I recently switched my FE to RetroFE due to it's support for HD resolutions. After some tinkering to get it working, everything seemed fine. Except when I tried to run more demanding, high...
  2. Re: Joytokey killed after exiting game and HyperSpin profile not loads.

    I'm personally not a fan of trying to have RL manage the J2K process. I added J2K as a startup event in Windows 10, setting it to "run as admin". Then I have program profiles set up for the...
  3. Re: Demul, Bezels and windowed full-screen problems

    Was a solution for this ever reached? I added a routine to program my dual U360s in the user library section of RL, so while I was at it I just added a line that suspends HS just before Ultramap is...
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