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  1. set a bezel for a particular game in Teknoparrot thru RL


    I have just added Darius Burst to teknoparrot and configured to run thru RL/ hyperspin, no bezels are setup for Teknoparrot as games generally run fullscreen .

    Dariusburst runs in a weird...
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    mouse dissapears in pc games


    I have added a Pc game that utilises mouse only - as i have a trackball and mouse buttons on my control panel this works well when launched outside of RL/HS

    My problem is that when i run a...
  3. Error ahk_pid 13244 but only on some games

    Hi Guys ,

    After much reading and trawling , I still not have discovered how to fix this issue on some games.

    I understand that if u get the Error ahk_pid 13244 you go thru the ctrl-Q appwait...
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    Ultratik 360 setup help please

    Hi guys , thanks if anyone can help me.

    I have setup two ultrastiks, p1 and p2

    i have pathed em all into rlui and created a global map in ultramapper and another one in mame

    they all come up...
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