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  1. CRT Emudriver or Rlauncher Issue From GroovyMAME to Other Emulator via Hyperspin

    I was able to get GroovyMAME working on my Windows 7 64 bit, AMD R7 360, WG 9810 CRT using Hyperspin as the FE and RocketLauncher as the emulator launcher with help from an member...
  2. Help: CRT in Arcade Cabinet Problem with Windows 7 64 bit and Nvidia

    I purchased a CRT monitor some years ago. It worked great under Windows XP running MAME, Hyperspin, and many other emulators. The last time I ran the CRT in this configuration, it worked great. I...
  3. Re: Irotate.exe has stopped working - Taito Type X

    Just one monitor connected. I am running an Nvidia 650TI. I think it's Windows 7 but not sure or possibly Nvidia? The error happens with or without Rocketlauncher.

    Thanks for the response.
  4. Irotate.exe has stopped working - Taito Type X

    I am trying to run Raiden IV and Gigawings vertically. When I run the correct executable, the game attempts to run irotate.exe and fails with the message "Irotate.exe has stopped workin." However the...
  5. Xpadder with 2 Different Controllers Error

    I am having an issue with RL and Xpadder. I have an Afterglow Xbox 360 controller and a iBuffalo SNES USB controller. I am running Win 7 64 bit. I am trying to configure SSF emulator. If I have both...
  6. Demul - Rlauncher Not Injecting Custom Button Settings at Emulator Launch

    Let me start with some little background. I have my Hyperspin and RocketLauncher installed on a separate hard drive (G:). I had to install a new Windows drive (C:). Nothing was modified on G: during...
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