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  1. Seibu Kaihatsu was download from arcade punks supposed to work with rocket launcher (hyperspin)

    Arcade Punks say it works with mame 0.166 which I have. Work through the Emulator but not through Rocket Launcher. Please help.
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    Problem with Sega Pico

    I am trying to add Sega Pico to my Arcade System but the only Emulator I can find that works is picodrive but I can get it to go fullscreen. Retroarch works directly through retroarch but under...
  3. Help with Neo Goe Pocket/Pocket color

    I am trying to get neo geo pocket and pocket color to work. I create a global emulator with retroarch as the default emulator but when I try to set the system ( where you setup the games) It will not...
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