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    To use this you would need to be using Hyperspin really, although you probably could just use the RL media part of it. Don't know, untested here.

    HM 2.0

    Setup / Installer

    Youtube-dl.exe (Place next to Hypermint.exe in programfiles (x86)/Hypermint)

    Main menu management:
    Manage multiple main menu xmls.
    Uses new enabled tags for HS 1.4
    Sort systems and add from a master list.
    Shows whether have the system xml & genres for a system.

    Database Management:

    Imports db's from Hyperspin.
    Imports favorites from HS.
    Scans HS & RL Media.
    Uses new enabled tags for HS 1.4 (same with genres created from here)
    Basic xml editing in gridview.
    Update & save favorites from checkboxes in grid.
    Scan for roms using RL config.

    Viewer & Files Pane:
    Send selected file/s to Rubbish (Trash, Backup)

    Convert PDF to images
    Convert Text to PDF

    Multiple System Generation:
    Add games from any list into the MSG preparation list.
    Add favorites in one swoop on the current selected list.
    Scan over all systems for favorites in the current selected main menu and add to prep list.
    Add an existing HS settings ini for your preferred look of wheel
    Option to create symbolic links for all media & themes when generated.
    Option to create genre lists when generated.
    Option to include a RL games.ini for rom/system map.
    Option to copy the systems to the rom if one doesn't exist. (Only symbolic links)
    Builds a database and you're ready to go. Only thing missing is the Main menu theme for your system.
    Add options to generate MultiSystem from the statistics in RL. Top 100 etc etc.

    Bezel Edit:
    Send bezels in by right click images on the viewer, or drag over , set co ordinates.
    Creates ini.

    Instruction Cards:
    Create presets for instruction cards.
    Right click on any image in viewer to convert & send to correct folder and naming with chosen preset.

    Image Editing:
    Bog standard editing. Useful for creating: Fades, Backgrounds
    Right click images send to this editor.

    Intro Video Generator:
    Scan current selected system for videos.
    Add randomly or by selection.
    Generate an avisynth script which includes fading, dissolving the same as Emumovies.
    Option to include the wheel image on the video for each game. (Set pos and resize options)
    Shows frame size and proper framerate when added or scanned.
    NOTE TO THE STABLE: Forget to add opacity.
    Todo: Add video trimming with fades

    Wheel Generator:
    Create wheels , Letters,Genres, Special Art for selected system.
    Can save presets for later use.

    Built in browser to search for game assets.
    Drag drop assets into selected game cells to correct folders. RL & HS.
    Youtube downloader and search:
    Pick resolution & download to folder (Currently only HS, needs more work)

    RL Stats:
    Scan your stats and view them here in a different context.
    implement stat filters & Multi system gens
    Add removing of sections from ini.

    Game Launching (RL only):
    Right click on main list to launch or launch with RL modes. Pause , fade etc.
    Game controller button:
    Opens drop in window and can launch selected game from here or just push random to get another game.
    ToDo: Turn this random function into full screen application for launching inside HS.

    Hypermint 1.0
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