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Thread: Need help with maximus arcade! !!

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    Need help with maximus arcade! !! 
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    I know this is not the place but I really need help. Have bought a 2tb portable hard drive and have built maximus arcade up on it. Emulators like mega drive, n64, dreamcast all work fine on the portable hdd. Others like mame, psx, snes won't work on the portable hdd but will work work on C: drive on my pc! But outside maximus they all work from the portable hdd. I'm lost please help anyone. Thankyou ☺

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    Re: Need help with maximus arcade! !! 
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    That is an odd one. I don't see how some emus would work and not others. Things like this make me think it's a security or privileges issue. You should at least try making a batch file with the same CLI sent to those problem emus and seeing if the CLI is right.

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