I am setting up a Commodore 64 wheel.

Some of the games are on more than one disk or side.

I wanted to set it up like this, I will use Boulder Dash Construction Kit as an example. *It is on 5 disks.

Rom names:
Boulder Dash*Construction Kit (Disk 1).d64
Boulder Dash*Construction Kit (Disk 2).d64
Boulder Dash*Construction Kit (Disk 3).d64
Boulder Dash*Construction Kit (Disk 4).d64
Boulder Dash*Construction Kit (Disk 5).d64

inside an archive named: Boulder Dash Construction Kit.zip

My xml name is Boulder Dash Construction Kit

I have tried using mapping and various configurations of the main and rom mapping settings for the Commodore 64.

I would like to keep all disk files in the same archive but I cannot get it to work how I want and believe it should work with the options available.

If one of the multidisk keywords is not in the name it is not recognised as a multidisk game.

I cannot get it to work correctly with the other disk files inside the zip even if I label the zip Boulder Dash Construction Kit (Disk 1).zip

I feel this area of RocketLauncher needs a little tweaking.

I have had to settle for multidisk game roms in separate archives each labelled with the disk and or side.

Has anyone managed to get this to work how I want it or am I going to have to settle for having the game name with the first disk and hundreds more files in the folder as I cannot combine them into one archive?