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Which line of code are you talking about exactly? There's so many stuff mentioned on this thread that I'm not even sure.

Ignore the quoted text, but wanted to look you back in here. I finally solved my problem, after years and years of banging my head against the wall.

1. In my log, I noticed CustomFunction references to setting fullscreen to false, based on bezels
2. I don't use bezels, so I made sure bezels were disabled for this system
3. When that didn't have any impact, I went a step further and manually changed my Bezel // Fullcreen Bezel setting to 4x3 and somehow that has fixed the problem.

Tested on multiple games and it continues to work.

I'm totally in the dark as to what the CustomFunction is trying to do there -- or if I put in the customfunction years ago, for something else -- but this solves my problem

Hope this helps someone