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Thread: Importing Systems - GameEX

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    Importing Systems - GameEX 
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    Hey guys - I'm just wondering the best way to get RL set up for use with GameEX?

    I can't see a way for it to import the systems from the frontend - like it had for my HyperSpin and LaunchBox. I don't mind having to add the systems in manually, however doing so gives me an empty game list etc.

    Looking forward to knowing how you guys got it done!

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    Re: Importing Systems - GameEX 
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    There is no RLUI plugin for GameEX so there is no way to read directly the systems/games from it. I don't recall the details, but I think the main issue is that GameEX doesn't really use a game list like HS for example and relies on whatever is available in your rompath and some fuzzy matching to build the games list and there is no way to replicate this in the RL side.
    I could be wrong and/or things have changed since then, and if that's the case and it is possible to read the game list from somewhere someone could try putting together a GameEX plugin.

    Another option would be to use the RLUI or HS plugin and have RLUI to read from those databases instead of the GameEX ones, the games inside them would need to match the games you have visible in GameEX of course though.

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