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Thread: Fade in not displaying game information

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    Fade in not displaying game information 
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    Hi, apologies if this has been resolved in a previous thread but I couldn’t find any answers.

    I am using RL with LB and am using the Fade-ins option through RL. The fades screen shows up for each platform I have tried it on but the game information (title, manufacturer, year etc) only shows up for some of my systems and not all. This is despite it being enabled.

    Each of the platforms is set to “global” settings and I cannot find any difference in settings between platforms.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Fade in not displaying game information 
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    I am no expert but I have been playing with LaunchBox after setting systems up for HyperSpin first.

    I have noticed something like what you are experiencing, for example rating info not appearing in fade. When I looked at the LaunchBox xml files they do not contain any rating information. So if I have HyperSpin selected in RocketLauncher as the default front end, Fade works as expected. If I run from LaunchBox or with LaunchBox selected as my default front end in RocketLauncher, some fade info appears to be missing.


    RocketLauncher fades can only display the information made available from the LaunchBox xml when you are using it as your front end and although LaunchBoxes xmls contain a lot of info, if it's not formatted correctly or missing, RocketLauncher cannot make it magically appear.

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