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Thread: TypeXtra - Taito Type X and Nesica launcher

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    TypeXtra - Taito Type X and Nesica launcher 
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    I've been away from the scene for a while (babies are time thieves!) but am starting to get back into it. No doubt I need to update various aspects of my setup so I've been reading around the subject and noticed that there is a now a launcher that simplifies the TTX/Nesica setup called "TypeXtra".

    When I started looking at TTX a couple of years ago it seemed particularly complicated to get them working in RLauncher and if TypeXtra simplifies this it might be better.

    Has anybody here got TypeXtra working through RLauncher?

    I can't see anything when I search so thought it would be asking the question.

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    Re: TypeXtra - Taito Type X and Nesica launcher 
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    Hey bobmoo79, Haven't had a chance to try this yet. Was curious if you've had any luck setting up this emulator with RocketLauncher? Would be helpful to hear any details on this. Thanks, Marty

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