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Thread: Help getting instruction cards to work

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    Help getting instruction cards to work 
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    I spent an hour reading that and trying different things before I posted. Which method do you recommend for using ICs? I chose the one the help file said was best, item 1, "The instruction Cards Left and Right Menus". That way I only tie up 2 buttons? It mentions something about "IMAGE Name: IC Menu.jpg". I am assuming that the poor documentation in addition to omissions and misspellings has just text where images should be that would help. Under "Advanced User Guide..." it mentions "IC Menu Left.png" and "IC Menu Left.ini", etc. It also mentions "navigation keys" and has the only help image in the entire help which is a compound image. You can see it shows "up, down, left, right" on the image as navigation keys. I have no idea what that means, but I thought maybe I have to hit my IC button ("[" for left and "]" for right) twice and then use the arrow buttons on my keyboard to select different ICs if there was more than one? All I am able to tell at this point is that the blank ICs that popup are the "IC Menu Left.png" and "IC Menu Right.png" in the "rocketlauncher/media/bezels/_default" folder.

    Also the "fade" and "slide in" options do nothing and no sound plays. The blank white rectangle just pops up when I hit the left or right IC button twice. I am guessing maybe instead of an instruction card, some kind of menu should display?

    The "help" file says, "To get started, this file include(sic) an IC example made to work on MAME Street Fighter 2 game (sf2) and Neo Geo games to your RocketLauncher folder. The files are in the attached zip file named ICS example files" It's a web page, what does it mean by "attached zip files". There is no "attachment" and there is no link or clue how to find this example. The link on the page to MMC's page is broken and when you google his page and find it, every link on that page to the IC cards is also broken.

    What I HAVE gotten to work (without a sound effects) is to change to method 2, "The Active Instruction Card Method". I set "[" twice for "change active IC key" and "]" for next and "[" for previous. It doesn't work as I expect. Hitting the "change active" key twice does nothing. However, hitting the "next" OR "previous key slides in the IC. If I hit "change active" twice while the card is displayed it sort of zooms the IC in and out a tiny bit. Maybe this is the way I should do it? Can anyone explain how it is supposed to work? If I could find a game with more than one card, that might help me see what's going on.

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    Re: Help getting instruction cards to work 
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    Hi, user Krakerman's "GameRoom" bezels have IC cards included with them. Maybe download a couple of those and see how he has them set up.

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