Arcade PC games are awesome, and their hell on my PC. junk files and folders with all sorts of metadata being dumped all over the place. They make a downright mess of my PC.

I'm a workplace developer / packer by day, and as of Windows 10 - 1609 Microsoft has been so kind as to integrate their App-V client into the OS. App-V is a technology that allows for Application virtualization.

What this means is that you can stick a piece of software in a container and it will have it's own private space on the PC and can write things in it's Virtual File System, without actually messing up your PC.
Think of it as Tracing paper, your OS is the base and you place a bit of tracing paper on top of it, the application running can write all manner of files on the tracing paper and from the application's point of view it's doing so in it's desired location. from the OS's perspective, the application is writing all of it's files to the VFS. so it stays tidy.

thing is that I havn't tried this yet, I'm setting up a virtual package machine at the moment. I will report back when I have made some progress.

IF any of you readers has had prior experience trying to virtualize these type of games please let me know.