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Thread: HyperSpin Wheel displaying same game

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    HyperSpin Wheel displaying same game 
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    Good Afternoon

    Hope someone can help.

    Dipping my toe into hyperspin over the last couple of days looking at setup guides/youtube videos etc but can't work out what i have done wrong here.

    So have the games displaying and running fine in RocketLauncher but when i go into HyperSpin select the Emulator the same game is being repeated in the wheel even though i have hundreds.

    Have checked the extension and set that up (nes,NES) but no matter what i do the wheel just has the one game repeated.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: HyperSpin Wheel displaying same game 
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    If RLUI is displaying the full list of games it means your database is fine and it's going to be a filter in HyperSpin that's causing your issue.

    In HyperHQ check the settings for that system, specifically the filters (rom only, wheel, theme, etc).

    If you're using RL setting the extensions in HyperHQ is only needed if you're using the roms only filter and in that case the rom path also needs to be set.

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