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Thread: Xpadder won't close when quitting a game

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    Xpadder won't close when quitting a game 
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    I get a problem using Xpadder with rocket launcher. Xpadder start automatically when I start a game, but it won't close when I quit. I have to close it manually to return to the frontend. I'm using Windows 10 and Xpadder is up to date.

    How can I tell RL to close Xpadder on quitting game ? Please could you help me ?

    "Frontend profile" is set to "false" in RL general settings.
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    Re: Xpadder won't close when quitting a game 
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    Xpadder should stay open... in your task tray. RL should be loading a ‘blank’ profile after quitting a game. Make sure you have a blank profile..

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