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    ScummVM Database, Supporting Files & Guidance 
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    Please see below database, supporting files and guidance for ScummVM 2.0. Files included...

    - ScummVM.xml - this is the database file. It includes all games marked as working in the official release of ScummVM 2.0.

    Supporting Files
    - ScummVM - [Zip Names for Matching].xml - this is a database file which can be used for quick rom matching with eXo's ScummVM set.
    - ScummVM (RL ZipMapping File).ini - this is the RL zip mapping file, to map zips in eXo's set, with database and ScummVM short names. However, as per guidance below, it is not recommended to keep roms zipped for this system.

    Step-by-step guidance on getting this system setup properly...

    - Acquire eXo's ScummVM 2.0 rom set (no discussion of this here, find it on your own).
    - Use your favorite rom matching tool (HyperTools, etc.) with the ScummVM - [Zip Names for Matching].xml database to get the games from eXo's set which are included in the curated database. eXo's set contains games which have work in progress support in ScummVM and these are not included in the curated database. You may choose to keep these games too, therefore skip this step.
    - Extract the game zips.
    - Download ScummVM 2.0 and launch
    - Hold shift key, and you will see 'Add Game...' button change to 'Mass Add...' - Click this button with shift held down. This will allow you to add all the games to ScummVM at once.
    - Select your rom directory in the file picker and click OK. ScummVM will now scan your game folder and add the games.
    - ScummVM saves it's config file in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\ScummVM directory by default. Copy this into your ScummVM emulator folder, or set CustomConfig option in RLUI module settings.
    - Add system in front-end etc, and you should be good to go!

    NOTE - I do not recommend keeping games zipped for this system. It complicates the setup, and does not result in much saved disk space.

    Game Fixes
    I have play tested each game in the curated database, and two games from eXo's ScummVM 2.0 set need fixes to get them to work. See below...

    - 3 Skulls of the Toltecs (CD DOS)
    ScummVM pack version not working. Using files from eXoDOS set works (merge with WESTERN file from ScummVM set)
    - Starship Titanic (CD, Windows)
    Needs titanic.dat from ScummVM forums adding to game directory, overwritting file in ScummVM 2.0 set

    Big thanks to @agent47 for scripting assistance when creating the database and zip mapping files.
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    Re: ScummVM Database, Supporting Files & Guidance 
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    Changes... (Link in OP updated with each revision)

    DB Revision 2 (04/01/2019)
    - Crazy Nicks Picks games description corrected to, Crazy Nick's Software Picks... (thanks to diskmach)

    DB Revision 3 [ZipMap and rom match DB also updated (04/01/2019)
    - Gold Rush! (Amiga), added (thanks to diskmach)
    - Hopkins FBI (CD Windows), added (thanks to diskmach)

    DB Revision 4 (05/01/2019)
    - Inca II subtitle removed to better reflect box and media art. (thanks to diskmach)

    DB Revision 5 (14/01/2019)
    - Gnap description changed to UFOs as this is the name of the game. (thanks to diskmach)
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