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Thread: 3DO help needed

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    3DO help needed 
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    Hello all, I have been trying for several hours to get 3DO to launch in Hyperspin with RL with no success at all. These are the steps I have tried thus far:

    1. FreeDO (v. - When I try to run this from hyperspin I get an error that it can't find config.xml and tells me to run FreeDO manually first to create it. But when you run it manually it does not create it.

    2. FourDO (v. - This one runs fine when ran manually games load and all is good. But when I try to launch it in hyper I get an error that it failed waiting for window "4DO" to become active.

    3. Phoenix (v.2.8) - This again runs fine manually, but when ran in hyper it launches the emulator to a blank screen and freezes until eventually giving the same waiting for window "Phoenix ahk_Class.Mainframe" to become active error.

    4. RetroArch (v.1.7.6) - This one gives the same type error as above, but when I checked it manually it also does not load the game, just a blank screen.

    I have tried to toggle the skip switches as well as the 7z settings for all of the above. I also make sure to run the correct file type for each, .iso for RetroArch etc.
    I also checked out the modules and made sure to change the bios name to fz10.rom and that it was in the same directory as the emu (also tried to place it in the system folder for RetroArch).
    I am finally at a loss and just can not figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 3DO help needed 
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    Wow, never-mind I finally figured this out. After reading my post I realized the version of FreeDO I was running was ancient. Found the 2.1 alpha version and then followed the module steps, and good to go.

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