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Thread: Request for fade screens

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    Request for fade screens 
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    hi i hope some of you may have these fade screens i list below as i have looked around various places including retrohumanoids website i am also a subscriber to his youtube channel and i am using mostly his dark fade screens which look awesome also i have looked on the ftps of both emumovies and hyperspin as i am a plat member of both of them but cannot seem to find these fade screens as some of them are a bit obscure and probably not many people bother with them but in anycase here is the list

    Acorn Atom
    ALF TV
    Applied Technology Microbee
    Atari G1
    Atari G42
    Atari System 1
    Atari Xegs
    Bootleg Games
    Brezzasoft Crystal System
    Capcom 68000
    Capcom Classics
    coleco adam
    coleco Telstar
    coleco Telstar-marksman
    commodore 128
    commodore 64
    commodore pet
    dragon data
    EACA EG2000 Colour Genie
    Epoch Game Pocket Computer
    Exidy Sorcerer
    Irem M27
    Irem M72
    Irem M92
    Irem M97
    Luxor ABC 80
    Magnavox Odyssey
    Matra & Alice
    Othello Multivision
    sega dreamcast indies
    sega pico
    sega rings
    Seibu Kaihatsu
    sharp MZ-2500
    shmups mame
    shmups PC
    SNK Neo Geo MVS
    Sonic mega collection
    Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer
    Texas Instruments TI 99-4A
    Vector 06C
    VTech V.Smile

    i would just like to add a massive thankyou to you all for everything that i have seen and read on this forum regarding information as it helps in a big way as i am in my fifties and cannot work for medical reasons so i enjoy my time trying to remenise and make each system that is emulated as perfect as i can including art work fade screen bezels etc to which i know is a neverending task but it keeps my mind busy and helps greatly
    again a big thankyou and appreciation

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