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Thread: Module for new BSnes 107.1

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    Module for new BSnes 107.1 
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    Hi, I am a new user to RocketLauncher, and I been trying to get Bezels working with the latest version of Bsnes. Now using the Higan module I can get the rom to run in fullscreen if bezels are turned off, if bezels are turned on it only goes to a window.

    This is a new version of BSnes, I beleive its based off Higan, and the reason I want to use it is due to the new mode 7 hi-res option which has just come out and that is why I don't want to use the one in retroarch which is a older version

    I would like to try to get it to go full screen with bezel support on a 16:9 aspect TV. Has anybody got any ideas on what I could try to do.


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    Re: Module for new BSnes 107.1 
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    Following. Just got this new bSnes and the mode7 is calculated at a higher resolution. F-Zero and Pilotwings look amazing.

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    Re: Module for new BSnes 107.1 
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    Waiting patiently for an updated module to come out as well.

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