Hi guys, need some help from the masters as I have a very specific need for which I couldn't find an answer anywhere:

I'm using RetroArch for Playstation emulation and the PCSX_ReARMed as the default Core but there's a known issue to run the game "Driver - You're the Wheelman" (which crashes at some point after loading).

This game can be played perfectly using Bettle_PSX Core (which I can execute in RetroArch directly).

The point is, it's not possible in RLUI to specify a different core per game in the "Alternate Emulator" tab in this case, as the system and emulator themselves are the same (PS/RA).

Failed Workarounds: I created another "Emulator" entry, mapping RA executable to a renamed copy of the Retroarch module (both files needed: the .ahk and the other) and assigned it in the Alt. Emulator tab for the game. The module is configured with Bettle_PSX as the default core, but for some reason, when I launch the game in Hyperspin, it adopts the default RA emulator config/Core, not the Alternate RA emulator config/Alt Core just created.
(tried both: Global emu and System specific emu and had the same results)

Thanks in advance for your help!

main system specs:
RocketLauncher: latest version
Hyperspin: latest version
RetroArch 1.7.6
Intel I5 running Windows 10