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Thread: Can't setup PCLauncher emulator

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    Can't setup PCLauncher emulator 
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    Hi all,

    I was trying to add some of my pc games into RL so I went to setup PCLauncher as an emulator. The problem is for some reason by default it is looking at a specific path that does not exist and I can't delete that path to proceed with the setup.


    It won't let me delete it, backspace etc. I can't do anything to the path line so I can't proceed. Anybody know why its doing this? Every youtube video I've seen about PCLauncher all show a blank Path field. But mine had something in it by default and it won't allow me to remove it.

    I tried reinstalling... for some reason it's doing it again.

    Anybody encounter this?

    Just to add, I'm posting it in module section because that file is where it needs to be. I'm confused because why is it searching for it with a path to the emulator folder

    Thank you
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    Re: Can't setup PCLauncher emulator 
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    If you open your RocketLauncher/Settings/Global Emulators.ini file in a text editor you can find the PCLauncher section and delete the path.

    The Global Emulators (Example).ini that comes with RL has a blank path so unless it was different in an ancient version of RL you would've had to enter it yourself or you're using some preconfigured RL setup (which isn't advised or supported).

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