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Thread: RL not loading "per game" configs from RetroArch

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    RL not loading "per game" configs from RetroArch 
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    Hi guys again... need some help from the masters for a topic already discussed many times in many places but still unclear and not working for me here.

    Using RetroArch I created a per rom config, specifically to handle a known issue in Odyssey 2 emulation where some games such as "UFO" have controller 2 actually controlling player 1.

    The "per game" config file details and contents are below and that's working correctly when running directly via RetroArch, but it doesn't work when running through RocketLauncher.

    "UFO (USA).cfg"
    input_player1_joypad_index = "1"
    input_player2_joypad_index = "0"

    It seems to me the "per game" config is either being ignored by RL or, somehow, RL is passing other controller parameters even after reading the game specific config.

    Really appreciate your help as this is one of the last missing fixes to have a very long emulation project finished.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    main system specs:
    RocketLauncher: latest version
    Hyperspin: latest version
    RetroArch 1.7.6
    Intel I5 running Windows 10

    Reviewed all configs and noticed one of the .ini files from Hyperspin was pointing to an external hard drive where I had originally configured the whole system, which then I moved to drive C.
    Working just fine and without any need of specific configs besides the per game one done in RetroArch.
    Sorry... my bad.
    Last edited by NarinaZ ; 05-16-2019 at 10:22 AM. Reason: Found the config mistake I had

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