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Thread: Turning bezels off causing problems

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    Turning bezels off causing problems 
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    Hi everyone! First post so I hope I am not in the wrong area

    In a new Hyperspin setup, I have an old CRT TV that is standard 4:3 ratio. When I fired things up for the first time, I saw that there were bezels that was severely limiting the amount of screen real estate. I am used to no bezels and the playable screen fills the monitor . ie. no bezels/borders/etc.

    When I go into RL and turn bezels off, it is causing new problems. With the bezels off, when I launch a game from Hyperspin, The rom is loaded into Mame in the background, but it does not auto switch from Hyperspin to the new mame window as per usual. I can hear the game running and pressing the coin buttons, etc. trigger the sounds indicating the input is working for mame but I am just looking at Hyperspin. If I alt tab or try and change to the Mame window, it stutters/hangs and I ultimately have to kill Mame process.

    Again, if I set bezels back on, everything functions normally again.

    Any ideas where to start?

    In a previous Mame setup, I never even had bezels and the TV screen was filled.

    Not sure what is different now/not working.


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