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Thread: Problem running Daphne Singe

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    Problem running Daphne Singe. SOLVED!! 
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    I can click on any BAT files and the games boot up and run but thru RL I get errors

    --DAPHNE version 1.0.10
    --Command line is: C:\hyperspin\Emulators\Daphne Singe\ROMS\daphne.exe singe vldp -x 1024 -y 768 -fullscreen_window -framefile C:\hyperspin\Emulators\Daphne Singe\ROMS\maddog2.txt -script C:\hyperspin\Emulators\Daphne Singe\ROMS\maddog2.singe
    --CPU : GenuineIntel 4000 MHz || Mem : 2048 megs
    --OS : Windows NT Derivative || Video : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
    --OpenGL: Compiled In
    --RGB2YUV Function: MMX
    --Line Blending Function: MMX
    --Audio Mixing Function: MMX
    Setting screen width to 1024
    Setting screen height to 768
    Script C:\hyperspin\Emulators\Daphne Singe\ROMS\maddog2.singe does not exist.
    Unknown command line parameter or parameter value:
    Bad command line or initialization problem (see daphne_log.txt for details).
    To run DAPHNE, you must specify which game to run and which laserdisc player you are using.
    For example, try 'daphne lair noldp' to run Dragon's Lair in testing mode.

    ScriptError - There was an error waiting for the window "DAPHNE ahk_class SDL_app". Please check you have the correct version emulator installed for this module, followed any notes in the module, and have this emulator working outside your Frontend first. Also turn off Fade to see if you are hiding your problem.

    I found this BAT file would this help and if so where does it go?
    #Include <AutoItConstants.au3>

    Global $bat=('C:\Daphne_Singe\myfile.bat')


    This version introduces a new switch caleld "-script".
    To launch a singe game type:

    daphne.exe singe vldp -framefile singe/somegame/frame.txt -script singe/somegame/mygame.singe

    Please 1 if you can give me some tips to check in RL to get this running would be great
    2 Please Keep the tech stuff to a minimum or at least dumb it down Not a tech bug here
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