I use rom mapping for the super Nintendo CD system and it works fine. For this system, there is plenty of music versions for each game. So it would be very nice if we can ear the music when choosing the game in the rom mapping menu.

Example : For the game Actraiser, there are 4 différents sound versions:

ActRaiser (USA) (Chiptune Faith)
ActRaiser (USA) (Orchestral Faith)
ActRaiser (USA) (Original Music)
ActRaiser (USA) (Synthesizer Faith)

When displaying in the rom mapping menu, when I choose the first version of the game, it would be cool to have a feature that let's play the ActRaiser (USA) (Chiptune Faith) mp3. I have already ripped almost all mp3 for those games. I just need a tool to play them (Under hyperspin, I placed it under Sounds/background music and it play fine when I first choose the game. But then, I'd like to play music under rom mapping so I can ear the differences between the différents versions for each game).

Thanks for your support and your great work