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Thread: Game Database needed from a frontend in developement

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    Game Database needed from a frontend in developement 
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    (correct title: Game Database needed for a new frontend in development)

    I am looking for a game database that I can import for a frontend that I am developing for the last two years. The project is well advanced, but I am alone on it.
    I am at the stage that I need a politically correct way to import game database. I tried 'The Gaming Database' site, but it doesn't include the ROM name, game rating, and other stuff.
    Any ideas how to find a good free source? Right now I am using HyperList and GameInfo


    I am looking for some serious collaborators / contributors to complete the project. Ie, C# coder, Web developer, artists and EMU subject matter expert.

    I can share the latest progress of my project if you are interested. It is a serious and advanced project.

    Antos (Jean Yves Cadieux)
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    Re: Game Database needed from a frontend in developement 
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    You're not going to find a single good source that has everything. I would advise against using HS at all. All of those xmls are terrible and the data isnt even consistent.

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    Re: Game Database needed from a frontend in developement 
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    Nice! Exciting to here about new stuff coming.

    Care to share any info about what your focus is/or what you would like it to do better than what is available now?

    IMO, databases are the most important. I can only hope and pray that someone comes up with a better method. Ideally, i think they should include every game ever made... but also have the ability to quick filter by region, or include/not include demos and protos. That way everyone uses the same database.

    Naming scheme is also important to consider. I think its best to have them match exactly as you would dl them. This is easy enough for most systems but mame sees updates every single month and many name changes can occur. So mame should be treated differently than other systems in that db's of past versions be available so you can jump in with whatever version you have.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

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