I've been running into issues when running Final Burn Alpha with hyperspin and RocketLauncher, after exiting a game the RL.exe task still remains preventing any other game from being launched.
As per the notes I reverted back to FBA, but it doesn't run nicely on Win10, and I couldn't get it to run with Hyperspin.

In searching for the issue I came across others with my problem so I wanted to post my solution on the forums to link others too.

I know this is brute force, but I don't know python, so my issue was RocketLauncher.exe wouldn't shut off so I brute forced it in the FBA module. This has worked for me (your results may vary) but I am running FBA, NEStopia, and VBAlink currently on my cab and the only issue I've got is that FBA wil flash a few times when exiting.

The edit:
(make a backup of the original ahk before editing it)

open the ahk to edit;
RocketLauncher\Modules\Final Burn Alpha\Final Burn Alpha.ahk

at the end of the file add the following lines before 'Return';
Run, wmic process where name='RocketLauncher.exe' delete

the last passage should look like this;

Run, wmic process where name='RocketLauncher.exe' delete

save and exit.
Again this is brute force, it adds a timer to the FBA window closing then sends a CMD command to delete any RocketLauncher tasks. This isn't pretty and I haven't tested it for more than a few hours so let me know what your results are.