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Thread: mednafen SNES with bezel always too low on screen

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    mednafen SNES with bezel always too low on screen 
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    I've literally been messing with mednafen and bezels for like an hour straight trying every possible variant on the module resolution, the bezel x and y res in the settings, the bezel .ini file to try different top left and lower right points, and my snes mednafen still shows up not completely filling the top portion of the screen. There's a gap where I can see behind it. With the NES I was able to do bezelx and y and edit those each down by 2 at a time to make the screen be bigger and fill more of the bezel until there was no gap, but for SNES it never moves up only fills outward and down. I really just need the emulator screen moved up just a tiny bit because the bottom is down under the bezel a bit too much as well. Does anyone know a way to just move mednafen up and down?

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