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Thread: Neo Geo Black Screen

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    Neo Geo Black Screen 
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    When i launch a game using the Winkawaks emu, this black screen always appears, and i have to close rocketlauncher to play the game
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    Re: Neo Geo Black Screen 
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    Turn off fade for that system.

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    Re: Neo Geo Black Screen 
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    When posting about something not working you always need to post a troubleshooting log. There's zero information necessary to diagnose and fix issues without one.

    That being said, unless you have a specific reason for using WinKawaks you should use a different emulator. MAME runs everything WK does and if you can't run MAME due to using an old or underpowered PC FBNeo is a better choice than WK also.

    I checked my edited WK module and I don't have any fade issues but fullscreen doesn't work. I've quickly tried various methods of forcing it and none of them work correctly. From what I can tell you can't start in fullscreen and using the fullscreen hotkey in the emulator directly crashes it. I'll revisit it eventually to try and iron it out but there's not much reason to still be using WK when better emulators exist that don't have the shortcomings WK does IMO.
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