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Thread: Noob Question on Controllers

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    Noob Question on Controllers 
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    Hello All,
    Literally just joined Forum,and have a noob question.
    I'm starting a new build on a new 8TB drive.Just getting acquainted to RL,Mame,Hyperspin,etc,and what this stuff is all about.Very exciting!I've been watching lots of YT videos trying to soak it all in.Getting ready to buy controllers(want wireless),but not sure if xbox 360,xbox one,or if something altogether different would be best to start with,and am hoping you sages can lead me on the right path.
    Thanks for letting me in!

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    Re: Noob Question on Controllers 
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    Jun 2014
    An Xbox one wireless controller would be perfect. Get the latest version, and it connects natively with Bluetooth to a pc.

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    Re: Noob Question on Controllers 
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    May 2015
    I recommend a PS4 controller. It has a touch pad for games that require it (some Wii U titles) as well a a gyro which the Xbox One controllers lack.

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