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Thread: Exit emulator hold hlep

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    Exit emulator hold hlep 
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    I've setup MAME to exit by holding a button for 3 seconds. That works perfectly. This gets to my MAME Hyperspin menu and then exits right away to the emulator Hyperspin menu. I only want it to go to the MAME menu. Makes sense that it does this as I use the same button to exit Hyperspin menus as I do to exit emulators. Is there a way around this? Thanks for your help!

    Here's what I have come up with as possible solutions so far:

    AHK to block any keyboard input for 3 seconds: (I don't know how to do this for every game and not just specific games)

    BlockInput On
    Sleep, 3000
    BlockInput Off

    Or using D300:~return to make it a double click instead of hold (I don't love this as a lot of times the kids love pressing buttons while others are playing)

    Anyone have a better solution?

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    Re: Exit emulator hold hlep 
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    Use a keymapper such as Joy2key.

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    Re: Exit emulator hold hlep 
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    I tried to setup the hold button for exiting Mame only as soon as I press the buttons it exits immediately.
    So I cant get it to hold for 3 sec or so

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