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    Ryujinx Module 
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    OK. This is the ugliest one yet but it seems to be working so I'll post it so others can test it out.

    This was driving me mad for several reasons. First of all I couldn't get the fadeout to even kick in when trying to exit a game.
    Turns out for some reason, Ryujinx refuses to even start the fadeout process if it is the active window.
    I managed to solve that by making the console window the active one and at the same time making it invisible.
    Now if for some reason the game window becomes active, for example if you click on it to use touchscreen or whatever, this would break the exit function.
    So I added a section that keeps checking if the console window is active and if it's not, it will be activated. That way you can use touchscreen functions and still be able to exit games.
    The focus switching will produce a little flickering, but as long as you just play and don't click around on screen it will be fine.
    Since there is no way to launch Ryujinx in fullscreen, I have to use a "send F11" command in the module. This can be a little problematic.
    If you don't get full screen when launching a game, try to increase the sleep value in this part of the module:

    Winactivate, Ryujinx 1
    Sleep, 2000
    Sendinput {F11 down}
    At the time of writing this, it's at line 31. But that can change in the future.

    Now because Ryujinx takes about 8 million hours to actually go to fullscreen after using the "send F11" command. I had to set the fade in exit delay to 17000 (17 seconds).
    If your game starts in windowed mode and goes to full screen after a little while, try to increase this value.
    This should not affect Yuzu games if you run that in fullscreen since exit delay does nothing with full screen applications.
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    Re: Ryujinx Module 
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    Thanks for your work on this.
    Works well, but like you say takes forever to load up

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    Re: Ryujinx Module 
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    When using the new "Profiled Persistent Translation Cache (PPTC)" setting in the latest version of Ryujinx, I am able to set my fade in exit delay to 2 seconds instead of 17.
    That't pretty fantastic. See here for intructions on how to use it.

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