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Thread: weird problem Alt-F4

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    weird problem Alt-F4 
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    Hi ,

    Don't know why this is happening in rocketlauncher .

    i config joytokey to exit demul with AlT-F4 . So button 7 and 8 together on my xbox controller is exit ( alt-f4) And this works perfect in joytokey .
    But when test this in rocketlauncher it don't work . Its like rocketlauncher don't see my left Alt . When i push left Alt i see its " System " button ?? And not left Alt .
    When i push right Alt , this work in rocketlauncher .

    What could be the problem here ?

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    Re: weird problem Alt-F4 
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    Why are you sending an Alt+F4 instead of sending the RL exit key in your profile?

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