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    Hi, this is my first post and not very good at these forums, never really used them. I seem to muddle my way through getting things to work as i really dont know too much, even down to getting rocketlauncher logs. Anyways i have checked as much as i can and cannot find anymore information on this, my problem is, i can launch fs-uae in full screen using rocketlaucher but if i use fade in, i lose focus of the emulator and have to press mouse to get it back. My other problem is if i use a bezel it wont stick, i think my problem is that it launches another window and making the bezel not work. I am using MAuthor := ["djvj","faahrev","rfancella","Tomkun"] MVersion := "2.0.5beta" module. Any help would be really appreciated, the emulator i am using is FS-UAE-Suite_3.0.5. Really sorry if i missed any information on the forum but i have looked and followed instructions the best i can on what i have found.

    ps. i should of said this is my first post in a long time...

    update i can see nobody can help with this, so i have used the fs uae bezel. Could someone on here atleast tell me how i can bring focus back when using fade in. (without having to press the mouse button). Many thanks....

    !!The reason it loses focus is because on the new FS UAE the file structure is different and the launcher and the fs uae exec are in different folders!! I have no clue on how to change the module though to reflect that..
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