Hello all. I was wondering what is the proper way to update 7zip to the latest version in RL? The version I originally had was version 15.06 beta which is several years old at this point and is much slower than current 64bit versions which can take better advantage of CPUs with multiple cores. I tried to replace the 7z.exe and 7z.dll in the module extensions folder with their counterparts from the latest version and I get a RL error. If I only replace the exe files, I get a different error saying that 7z failed likely due to lack of HDD space (no where close to being true!). If I add the entire 7z folder from the latest version into the RL folder and point RLUI to the new folder 7z works great and it is much faster! However, the fade progress bar flies through and does not properly track file extraction. This is not a huge issue except for PS2 games which take a long time due to their size...the fade screen shows loading complete, but the extraction process is still going on for quite a while. Is there a setting somewhere that I could change or is there a RL DLL file that needs to be updated so that RL could track the progress of newer versions of 7z in the load screen?