I have been using Rlauncher for a long time without any issues. I just got a new computer and reinstalled everything. I am now not able to launch Mame. I am running Mame 0.222

this is the error I'm getting:
11:17:08:777 | MD | ERROR | +32703 | ScriptError - There was an error waiting for the window "ahk_class MAME". Please check you have the correct version emulator installed for this module, followed any notes in the module, and have this emulator working outside your Frontend first. Also turn off Fade to see if you are hiding your problem.

I am able to run Mame directly and it works fine. I am able to launch Mame emulator from RLUI and it will load.
I have my directories configured in Mame, i have added the directories to the emulator tab in RLUI.

This is how my directory is setup
N:\Mame\Bios\MAME ROMs (bios-devices);
N:\Mame\MAME Roms;
N:\Mame\MAME CHDs;

I'm actually having the same issue on another computer i setup as well.

What am I missing?