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Thread: Help to config EPSX a few problems

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    Help to config EPSX a few problems 
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    Hello, I'm in the process of configuring Epsxe 2.05 and module 2.1.6 under emu 2.05 but unfortunately I ran into a few problems, so called:

    I will not litter the forum and write all the problems in one post, i was looking on the RL forum, this page but the topic either closer or moved the archive, i.e. 1 comes out* ;(

    1. Games packed 7zip, zip etc do not start despite checking 7z enable and another problem*If he wants to run the game in slow boot mode in 7zip zip, every time such bushes appear as on the attached SS WTF oO

    2. How to configure multimode / game, ie if the game is played on several discs
    3. Problem with analogs in games, e.g. wwf smackdown 2 after starting the game via RL, analogs do not work, if I start the game via epsx everything works

    I noticed that if I set the analogs in epsx and run the game through rl, it is as if the analogs in epsx were reset, i.e. not assigned, I tried with different settings and then the same, how to fix it ?
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    Re: Help to config EPSX a few problems 
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    1) I don't understand what you're saying here. But extract the games and see if they run through the emulator directly outside of RL. If your cue is pointing to the wrong bin files that could cause it.

    2) Multi-disc games must be extracted to work with multigame, they cannot be compressed.

    3) I don't use epsxe so I would have to look at the module code and do some testing but it's possible RL is trying to use a different plugin than the standalone emulator or the module settings don't match what you're trying to use.

    Also, whenever you post about something not working you should post a troubleshooting log. Without one nobody has any information to work from and all you'll get are guesses.

    If there are problems with the module I'd like to fix them but epsxe isn't a good choice for psx emulation. You would be better off using something like mednafen.

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