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You can use any compressed rom with any emulator.

  • RocketLauncher will first check if your rom exists in the archive before attempting to extract. Then it will extract to your 7z_Extract_Path and send the correct path and extension to your emulator to be launched. Your romExtension has to include the archive file type and the rom you want to look for inside the archive. So for example you compress your game boy color games with 7z, romExtension should be set to gbc,7z. Try not to add unneeded extensions to your Rom_Extensions. This will slow down loading as 7z and HL both will have to loop through them all until it finds your rom. This may result in a noticeable lag on launch.

  • Rom names inside the archive need to match the name of the archive, which also matches the game's name in your xml. So for example, if you have a rom named "Mario (USA).rom", your 7z needs to be called "Mario (USA).7z". While "Mario (USA).rom" must exist in the root of the archive, not in a subfolder. This will never be supported. However, subfolders can exist in the archive and will be extracted intact. This is to support archiving of pc games, like Pop Cap and Dosbox games.

  • It's ok to have folders, like if you wanted to zip up your Pop Cap games and have them extract on launch. Folders will be kept intact. But for simple roms and isos, do not use any folders.

  • Only the rom that RocketLauncher is looking for has to be the same name. This is the case with CD/DVD based games with multiple tracks as files. You might have an archive called "Wipeout (USA).7z" and inside you can have "Wipeout (USA).cue, Track1.bin, Track2.bin, Track3.bin, etc". This would work as long as the cue contains the correct filenames to find the tracks and you set cue as one of your Rom_Extension(s).

  • You have a choice in each system if you want to delete the temp uncompressed roms or keep them. The benefit of keeping them is you can track what games have been played or keep locally only the roms you play for the quickest launch speeds. This is really nice paired with server hosted roms or a NAS box.


7z_Path=H:\RocketLauncher\Module Extensions\7z.exe

Settings\Global RocketLauncher.ini:


  • Each system ini you can define a separate extract to folder, or keep the default windows temp folder defined for you in the Global RocketLauncher.ini.

Settings\System Name\RocketLauncher.ini:


  • Definitions:
  • 7z_Path - Make sure this points to your 7z.exe.
  • 7z_Enabled - Do you want to let RocketLauncher uncompress the roms for you? Set to true if your emulator doesn't support the compressed format your roms are in.
  • 7z_Extract_Path - The temp folder we want to uncompress our rom to, Default is your windows temp folder.
  • 7z_Delete_Temp - If true, will delete the temp folder upon exit of the module.