Alternate Emu Mapping

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  • This feature allows you to map a different emulator/module than your default one for any game.
  • This is useful when you want to run multiple emus on one wheel or if one emu plays a rom better then your default.
  • Another use for this is compilation wheels. You can map a whole bunch of different games from different systems on one wheel and have them mapped to the correct emu you want to run them with.
  • This replaces the antiquated <exe> tag in your databases
  • Promotes sharing of Games.ini files for easy compilations and quick setup of ideal emus for different games.
  • To add/remove games from your Games.ini, select a system you want to edit and select the Games tab on RocketLauncherUI. The Alternate Emulators tab will list any existing games you already have set up.


  • Found at ".\Settings\SystemName\Games.ini"
  • This file gets created for you on first launch of any game of this system.

Example 1:

Let's say on your Atari Jaguar wheel, your default emu is Virtual Jaguar, but you want Tempest 2000 (World) to use the emu Project Tempest.

[Tempest 2000 (World)]
Emulator=Project Tempest

Example 2:

Let's say you want to create a compilation wheel of all Sonic games. Set your default emulator to whatever system has the most Sonic games, then create a section in the Games.ini for each and every other Sonic game. Each section would use the System key to point to the System that Sonic game is part of. RocketLauncher will then use that system's settings and default emulator to load that Sonic game.

[Sonic the Hedgehog (World) (v1.1)]
System=Sega Game Gear
  • Note: If you don't want that Sonic game to use the default emulator for that system for whatever reason, you can also add the Emulator key from Example 1 to point to a non-default emulator like this:
[Sonic the Hedgehog (World) (v1.1)]
System=Sega Game Gear